Tip #14: 5 Zoho Sheet features that make collaboration easy

Tip #14: 5 Zoho Sheet features that make collaboration easy

The world has indeed become small, with teams and organizations now spread across the globe. So why should data be kept in offline silos? Here are five Zoho Sheet features that help you share your data across your organization, and work seamlessly with your collaborators—no matter where they're located.

1. Sharing: One file. Multiple permissions.

Not every collaborator needs to be given the same level of access to your spreadsheet. We understand this, and offer four different permissions. Choose from View, View and Comment, Edit, and Share. These permissions offer fine-grained control over which collaborator gets to do what with your spreadsheet.

2. Version History: Every change accounted for

Version History in Zoho Sheet helps you keep track of all the different versions of a file, since creation. You can choose to name versions and keep them highlighted, share or download a particular version as a new spreadsheet, and revert to any of the previous versions. Life is easier when you don't have 10 versions of the same file saved on your computer.

3. Audit Trail: The what, when, who, and where

When working with a shared spreadsheet, it's important to be informed about all edits made. Zoho Sheet's Audit Trail feature helps you keep track of the changes made to your spreadsheet. You can filter and view edits based on date, collaborator, and cell range. 

4. Cell-level commenting: Talk it out 

Choose to add a comment referring to a cell or a cell range. With @mentions, you can easily notify particular collaborators who can reply and resolve comments directed at them. Along with comments, the in-product chat is a great place to brainstorm ideas.

5. Check out and work without distractions

As the owner of the spreadsheet, you can "check out," which sets the spreadsheet to Read Only for other collaborators. When you're done making changes to your file without interruption, you can check back in. Checking in will make the spreadsheet editable for collaborators with appropriate permissions.

With RTL support, different locale settings, format options, user level filters, and real-time collaboration, Zoho Sheet is the perfect spreadsheet application for working on data together as a team. Try it out, and let us know in the comments how you liked it. 

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