Tip #2: 10 simple functions that will save you time

Tip #2: 10 simple functions that will save you time

Functions are an integral part of a spreadsheet. With more than 350 functions available in Zoho Sheet, you might find it difficult to find ones that are useful to you. That's why we're here with a small list of simple functions that everybody can use in their day-to-day work. 

1. SUM
SUM is used to find the total of the given numerical values. You can save more time with the Autosum shortcut Alt+= after selecting the desired cells.

AVERAGE is used to find the mean of the given values. That is, it gives the result of the sum of selected values divided by the number of values. You can use AVERAGE to find results, like the average monthly expense in a year, or the average count of a product sold over a period.

COUNT is used to find the number of numerical values in a given range. It can be used in combination with other functions such as IF, and AND. 

COUNTA is used to find the number of non-empty cells in a given range. Similar to COUNT, it can be used in combination with other functions. For example, you can use it to find the total number of entries in a non-contiguous data region or table.

Similar to COUNT and COUNTA, COUNTBLANK is used to find the number of blank cells in a given range. You can use it to find the number of values missing in a given table/range.

TODAY is used to get the current date in the resultant cell. For example, you can use this function in invoice or calendar templates where the current date is required. Similarly, you can use NOW to get the current date and time in a single cell.

7. IF
IF is used to obtain a result based on logical conditions. Nested IFs i.e. IF condition placed within another IF condition, can be used to test more conditions. For example, IF can be used to display test results and grades using predefined conditions. 

8. LEN
LEN is used to find the count of characters in a given text. If you're a content marketer, you'll be familiar with character limits for titles, descriptions, or even tweets. While also keeping a record of changes, make sure your content stays in the required size with LEN.

CONCATENATE is used to append the content of two given cell ranges or a cell range and a text. For example, you can use it to combine the first and last names from two given columns.

10. MAX & MIN
MAX & MIN are used to find the highest and lowest values respectively, from a given set of values. They can be used in combination with other functions such as IF, AND, SUM, AVERAGE etc. For example, you can use MAX to find the product with the highest sales in a month.

Here's a bonus tip:  every time you have to fill many cells in a column with a particular formula, just enter the formula in the first cell of the table and double click on the bottom right of the selection to fill it (This works only when there is data in the cell range to the left/right).

Hope you all found this useful! Here's a list of all functions in Zoho Sheet.

Which simple functions do you use often? Tell us in the comments below.

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