Tip #2: How to use 'Signatures' effectively in Zoho Mail

Tip #2: How to use 'Signatures' effectively in Zoho Mail

Hello everyone! 

Signatures in emails are essential and inevitable to add a professional touch to your emails. Signatures not only make your email look professional, they also reinforce the authenticity of your emails. 

Follow the steps below to create a professional looking email signature, and add it automatically to every email you compose. 

Steps to create a signature: 
  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Open Signature settings
  3. Click 'Add new signature'.

  4. Provide a name to the signature
  5. Add the contents of the signature 
  6. Format the signature to match your preference. 
  7. Ideally your signature will have your name, designation, name of the organization. 
  8. Adding phone numbers or social media links are optional and depends on the nature of your job and role. 
  9. Adding your organization's logo and linking it to your website will improve your credibility. 

  10. Select 'Associate email address' to associate this signature with 'from' email addresses. 

  11. Click 'Save' to save the signature. 
The next time you compose, the signature will automatically appear in your editor. You can create multiple signatures and associate them with different from addresses as default signatures. 

You can also change the current signature using the Insert Signature option in the composer. 

Did you find our tip about Signatures useful? Leave your feedback as comments to this post! 

See you next week with another useful tip! 
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