Tip 2: Perform customized actions on Codeless bot using Plugs

Tip 2: Perform customized actions on Codeless bot using Plugs

Chatbots are considered evolving technology which is a great tool to increase engagement and assist your customers ceaselessly. The platforms to build these chatbots are advancing as now you can build a complete business-centric bot with absolutely no code. 

Every business has been customized to achieve uniqueness, so as do the chatbots. Building a chatbot using a no-code platform is simple, but customizing it according to your business requirements seems a bit challenging. That is why we have plugs. 

Plugs in the codeless bot platform enable you to create and perform customized actions. It also helps integrate your bot with any third-party applications by minimal code writing. 

Let's take a real-time example to understand more about using Plugs in the codeless bot. 

Dr.Tom and Dr.Bob run a therapy service where their clients schedule appointments. Both are excellent at their work. However, Dr.Bob is struggling to schedule appointments with his clients. Sometimes he misses his client appointments, gets bad reviews, and struggles to manage his timings as he schedules manually. Where else Mr.Tom schedules appointments with his clients effortlessly, generate new customers, and makes his piggy bank big. 

How does Dr. Bob make scheduling an easy task?

He built a chatbot quickly by codeless bot platform and integrated it with his choice of booking software using plugs. This made him automate the whole scheduling cycle and made his work easier. 
Here is a short video to learn how Dr. Bob used plugs in his bot.

Here, the bot is equipped with three plugs, 

Try building your chatbot with Codeless bot platform and plugs and share your experience with us.  

To learn more about plugs and codeless bot, please check out the guides linked below. 

Stay tuned for next week for Tip #3 on Codeless bot!

Sasidar Thandapani 

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