Tip #29: Build your own custom widgets for Qntrl

Tip #29: Build your own custom widgets for Qntrl

Qntrl provides various real-world solutions that allow organizations to run their entire process using workflow automation. Besides the solutions we provide, we also let our customers play around with the product and develop unique custom solutions for their business requirements using Widgets.
Widgets in Qntrl is an in-built extension development platform that allows users to develop, test, and publish custom-made applications in Qntrl. The extensions developed using Widgets are software add-ons that can be feature enhancements, third-party service integrations, customized business solutions, or any other value added solutions.  

Widgets provide a collaborative coding space where multiple users can work on the same widget. The test environment also helps users to asses the extension’s functionality before publishing it to all users in the organization. Learn how to create, test, and publish widgets from our detailed help document.
Widget Ideas!
Here are some business cases where widgets can be used:
  • Build customized dashboards to gain insights
  • Integrate with ERP software to maintain a comprehensive system
  • Develop tags to manage cards
  • Manage plugins like PageSense and Google Analytics
  • Integrate with PM suit to tally tasks and bugs
Try developing custom solutions with Widgets and let us know how this feature is helpful in your organization. Comment your thoughts below or email us at support@qntrl.com. Visit our help center to get detailed insights into Qntrl.
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