Tip #37: Authorize remote connections using Bridge in Qntrl

Tip #37: Authorize remote connections using Bridge in Qntrl

Organizations that operate on private internal networks often require a communication medium for third-party applications to interact with their systems. To facilitate this communication, Qntrl has introduced Bridge.
Bridge is an installable java application that facilitates interaction between a Qntrl’s instance and external systems or services. Bridge also helps you supervise how Qntrl interacts with your organization’s servers and what data it accesses. Learn more about Bridge.

How can Bridge help organizations?

Bridge allows organizations that work on multiple applications to maintain uniform data throughout. It helps,
  • Navigate firewalls to access required data
  • Fetch and display data in the interface
  • Perform informed updates on data

Business use case

Zylker Corp uses MySQL database to store information related to their organization. Data like employee, client, and vendor information is collectively stored here for one-stop access. When Zylker Corp uses Qntrl for workflow automation, they need to fetch data from their database and display it in Qntrl. If the data is modified in Qntrl, the same has to be updated in their database too.
To facilitate this, Zylker Corp can make use of Bridge in Qntrl. Check out this step-by-step documentation on how to connect with remote databases using BridgeHere, Qntrl connects with a remote MySql server via Bridge to fetch leave information of users, and update leave balances via orchestration.
Qntrl also supports Credentials to ensure secure database access and Connectors to automate connections between Qntrl and external databases.
Bridge combined with our advanced features like Client Scripts, Server Scripts, and Custom Functions can be used to perform high-end integrations and data processing. If you are looking for a solution with Bridge or any of these features, do let us know in the comments below or email us at support@qtrl.com.
Help resources: Qntrl KBTutorialsShort Help Videos

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