Tip #7: Customize the appointment confirmation page

Tip #7: Customize the appointment confirmation page

A confirmation page plays a crucial role in creating the first impression, as that's where customers land when booking with you. It shows your brand identity, engages your audience, and drives more conversions. Yet, this section is often overlooked when establishing an online scheduling process. That's why Zoho Bookings makes it simple to create your own confirmation page.

After booking an appointment, the customer will see a confirmation page. This is the default confirmation page of Zoho Bookings.


If you'd like, you can redirect the customer to your website instead. You can also get the customer and appointment details through the URL and utilize it to enhance the user experience.


Redirecting to your webpage offers many advantages.

     Better branding: Gain better control over the page design and give the customer a more cohesive navigation experience.

     Cross-promotion: Promote other services and encourage the user sign up for your newsletter or promotional emails to improve revenue.

     Additional information: Show additional details than that of the existing confirmation page and customize according to your need.

Use case
Jacob is a financial advisor in Zylker Consultations. Whenever a customer books a Medical Insurance Planning session with him, he wants the customer to explore other services related to it (say, life insurance or car insurance). So, he sets the confirmation page so that it lands on his site's insurance page. This way, he attracts more business by offering special discounts for further bookings.


Please note that each service can have different confirmation pages.


To customize the confirmation page for a service 

  1. Navigate to Services > (Select the required service) > Service Preferences. 

  2. Under General, click the edit icon next to the option Booking Confirmation Page. 

  3. A pop-up appears. From the dropdown, select Show your own confirmation page.

  4. In the Enter page URL textbox, enter the url of your preferred confirmation webpage

Have a look at how to set a custom confirmation page and how it works

Get appointment details from the URL

The appointment details are included in the URL and can be used to show customer or service details on your website. This is useful if, for instance, you'd like to retrieve the customer's age range and show them relevant services.

To pass these appointment details to the URL, select the checkbox Pass booking details to confirmation page while adding the confirmation page.

Below is the list of parameters that are passed. 

Booking details

          1. booking_id=<value>

          2. workspace_uuid=<value>

          3. workspace_name=<value>

          4. assigned_to=<value> (staff or resource name)

          5. service_uuid=<value>

          6. service_name=<value>

          7. booking_start_time=<value> (represented in ISO 8061 format in customer timezone)

          8. booking_end_time=<value> (represented in ISO 8061 format in customer timezone)

          9. booking_cost=<value>

          10. booking_cost_paid=<value>

          11. booking_currency=<value>


Customer details

          12. customer_name=<value>

          13. customer_first_name =<value> (if applicable)

          14. customer_last_name=<value> (if applicable)

          15. customer_contact_no=<value>

          16. customer_email=<value>


Custom fields

          17. customer_<custom_field_name>=<value>


You can fetch these values and use them on your confirmation page as you wish.

This is an example of the redirected URL in which the bookings values are passed.



In the above case, you can fetch the customer name (Robert) and the service he booked (Insurance Planning) from the URL. This can be used to display the confirmation message of your choice ("Hey Robert! Thanks for booking the Insurance Planning consultation."). 

This custom confirmation page can also be set at the workspace level. Refer to the help articles below for more info.

Workspace Preferences - Confirmation Page

Service Preferences - Confirmation Page


Hope you find this tip helpful. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

Stay tuned and happy scheduling!

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