Tip #7: Trigger Zoho CRM workflows and assignment rules upon form submissions

Tip #7: Trigger Zoho CRM workflows and assignment rules upon form submissions

How to trigger Zoho CRM workflows and assignment rules for records added using Zoho Forms?

The workflow rules and assignment rules in Zoho CRM let you decide what happens to your entries when they enter your CRM. Usually, workflows or assignment rules trigger an action, send emails, or assign tasks to a user. 

When you are creating new records from form entries, the workflows that you have configured will still be triggered. On form submission, the configured workflows and assignment rules will be processed. Let's see how you can configure this process in Zoho Forms. 

To trigger workflows for the form entries

How it works
If you have have set up workflows in Zoho CRM to be carried out when a new record is added to a CRM module, the configured workflows will be carried out as set for them when the form is filled out.

How to configure
Once you are done creating the form, choose the Workflow  options under Actions while configuring the Zoho CRM integration setup.  

To trigger assignment rules for form entries  

How it works
Assignment rules assign tasks to members of your organization automatically. If you have any assignment rules set up for a CRM module , they will also be carried out when CRM records are added using forms. This will be carried out when the form is submitted, and the records are added to CRM.

How to configure 
This is achieved by enabling the Assignment Rules under Actions in your integration setup. In the pop-up that appears, choose the rule (already configured inside Zoho CRM) that needs to be performed for the form submissions.

This can be a great time-saver—but that's not all! For more discussion on the different workflows in Zoho Forms that can help you work more efficiently with Zoho CRM, check out our upcoming series.


If you have any questions or feedback to share, feel free to comment below or   drop us an email at   support@zohoforms.com .

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