#Tip 8 - Call logging in Zoho CRM

#Tip 8 - Call logging in Zoho CRM

Making phone calls is one of the most crucial roles of a sales person. Every day, sales reps make a lot of calls, and it is impossible for them to remember everything that was discussed during the call at the end of the day. This is where call logging comes into the picture.

The call logging functionality in the Zoho CRM app allows users to make phone calls straight from the CRM software and record all relevant information such as call duration, call status, and details discussed during the conversation in an organised manner. Sales reps can also schedule phone calls and set reminders so that they are reminded of the call.

The call logging feature is available in both iOS and the Android versions of the CRM app.

How to setup call logging in the iOS CRM app:

To enable call logging in the CRM app, please follow the steps given below:

- Open the Zoho CRM app
- Go to 'Settings'
- Scroll down to the Calls section
- Enable 'Outgoing call' and 'Call logging'

I have attached a screenshot below for your reference:

Here are the settings for the call logging feature:

- Place calls using
- Call logging
- Auto call log
- Log prompt

Place Calls Using: Using this option you can choose the mode via which you would like to initiate your calls. The calls can be initiated via Skype, Facetime and your default device's dialler. You can choose the mode as per your requirement and this option is available only in the iOS CRM app.



I have attached a GIF below for your reference:

Call Logging: This option should be enabled for the call logging feature to work.

I have attached screenshots below for your reference:

iOS:                                                                                                 Android:

Auto Call Log:
This option will allow the CRM app to log the call automatically to CRM record once the call is disconnected.

I have attached screenshots below for your reference:

iOS:                                                                                                 Android:


Log Prompt:
When you enable this option, you will receive a prompt requesting your confirmation to log the phone call. You can manually key in all the necessary information for your reference and all this information will be saved within a new call record.

I have attached screenshots below for your reference:

iOS:                                                                                                 Android:


Another feature available exclusively in the Android CRM app is inbound call logging. This feature is not supported in the iOS version of the CRM mobile app.

How does inbound call logging work?

This feature allows you to log the incoming calls that you receive from your customers, provided the phone number of the customer is stored within Zoho CRM as a record.

To enable this feature, please follow the steps mentioned below:

- Open the CRM app
- Go to Settings
- Scroll down and select 'Search incoming calls in modules'
- Select the modules for which you want to log in the incoming calls

I have attached a GIF for your reference:


Note: Please note that for the incoming calls to get logged within the Zoho CRM app, ensure there are no special characters (Ex: '-,' space, + etc) present in between the phone numbers/ mobile number.

For example, the contact number should be present in the format '+912452452455' within the Phone/ Mobile field in the respective record. In this case, '+91' is the country code and the 2452452455 is the phone number.

Also, please check if you have granted permission for the calls to get logged within the mobile device's settings. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Mobile device's settings
2. Go to Apps/ applications manager
3. Select 'Zoho CRM'
4. Tap 'Permissions'
5. Enable 'Call log'

I have attached a screenshot below for your reference:

Note: The 'Call logs' option will not be available within the device's settings if the Android version is below Android 10. Also, please ensure the CRM app is running in the background for the calls to get logged successfully.

Please try out this feature! If you have any questions, please drop a comment and I'll get right back

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