Tip of the fortnight 6 - Conditional emails based on form inputs

Tip of the fortnight 6 - Conditional emails based on form inputs

Hello fellow form builders,

If you're looking to craft hyper-personalized emails based on your customer's form input, this is the guide for you!

Here's a common scenario: " I need to fire different email content to a large number of customers. Do I do this manually, analysing their form inputs and then toiling away sending them emails with different content? " Nope, not necessary. A simple, rule-based email setup can provide the solution.

Email notifications in Form Rules lets you create conditions and deliver emails with custom content when the chosen/entered form answer satisfies that condition. Also, when a particular answer is not entered for a field or when it is left empty, the email can be set to trigger as well. This saves a ton of time. You can sit back and watch the conditional emails fire automatically upon form submissions, allowing you to concentrate on the other services that matter for your business.

Emails based on answer choices 

A form that involves the customer's opinion/decision as they pick the choices you provide needs to be promptly acknowledged. In Form Rules, choose a condition for a field and set a value the field needs to satisfy. Then, from the below dropdown, choose Send Email and configure the email template as desired. 

To help provide a clear picture, I've put together a few examples:

  • If the query is related to tax declaration, trigger an email to HR
  • If the payment amount is greater than 100, trigger an email to the customer offering a discount code for the next purchase.
  • If the feedback field is not empty , trigger an email to the support team.

Emails based on ranges (date and numbers)

It's possible to deliver emails based on a date that falls between a specific range, say for an event, meeting, or an order. All you need to do is to set condition as Between and then choose the date range. Also, when dealing with numbers, use the same procedure as above. For example, an email requesting a meeting can be sent to a student's parent when the student's grade falls between 40-80. 


Emails based on a confirmation 

Confirmation is decisive. Creating conditions can acknowledge it and deliver timely emails. For example, a simple True state of a decision box can trigger the delivery of a free e-book to their inbox, or adding gift wrapping to an order can be addressed to the concerned with an email.

Multiple conditions for a single email

If validating a single condition won't be enough to trigger a specific email, you can add multiple conditions for the same email. Add the group of conditions and set if all of those or any one of them needs to be satisfied in order to trigger the email. For example, if both (choose the state as ALL ) the Country field is United States and the Query field comes under Plan Upgrade/Downgrade , then an email is set to be triggered to the support team.

Try setting up conditional emails and comment below with your thoughts. How do emails play a part in your business? Let us know—we'd love to hear from you! ( This is the second post of the email notification series. If you missed the previous post on autoresponders, read it here.) 

Until next fortnight, 

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