Tip of the fortnight 7 - Tips for creating optimized confirmation emails

Tip of the fortnight 7 - Tips for creating optimized confirmation emails

Hello fellow form builders,  

*Scenario of form submitters after they click the Submit Button*
Okay. The submission seems successful. Wait! Did the buyer confirm my order? Did I change the size back to "L"? Did I enter my email address correctly? These are the kinds of things your customers think when they are left with nothing but a submission screen staring at them.

Confirmation that they have placed their submission correctly is a relief, and displaying the complete purchase details builds trust. Gaining that trust and making your customers feel comfortable can create favourable circumstances to enhance your customer service and also to bring many loyal customers. Let's look at a simple confirmation message: "Hey there, your order was placed successfully!" Well, this is an inconsequential message coming straight out of a dreary deal, which is clearly not what you want to show. Let's take this further with a few questions. 

Why do confirmation emails need to be in a finer detail? What further interactions can they bring?

64% of customers agree that confirmation emails are the most valuable emails in their inbox. Because these emails are important and interactive, delivering them can turn your first-time customers to regular, loyal customers. For today, I've put together six points that you might want to run through when you find yourself delivering confirmation emails

Keep it short and simple

Keep the message context to the point. Give them the excitement of their successful submission and tell them what happens next. For example, when it's a Booking Form , you need to deliver them an email including all the contact details they entered, booking date, check-in and check-out time, and any other relevant details.


Playing RIGHT with fonts and images

Say you're crafting order confirmation emails. Including details like purchase details, delivery address, order ID, and tracking links makes it comprehensive, but with so much going on, you need to highlight the important points like the order ID and order status. You can do this by increasing their font size or displaying them in a different font color.

Include your brand logo or any relevant images to enhance your emails. Say, for a event registration form, the confirmation email can include your company's logo or a table with the event schedule. To interest your users more, you can attach images from your past events as well. 

Include Useful links

The emails you send can be made interactive when you add helpful links. Links for resources such as an FAQ , Return Policy , or a Contact Us link can help your user find what they need to further their relationship with your organization.

Secure deals with receipts 

Generate automated receipts by merging the order details with templates of Zoho Writer or WebMerge and attach it to the confirmation emails you are sending. This not only saves time and helps you fulfill your obligations easily, but also makes your business seem reliable and trustworthy.

Check for spam 

When submissions are piling up, it's always better to know that you are receiving valid submissions and not getting spammed. Use Double Opt-In to verify your customer's email address before you receive their form submission. Once you've done that, only the valid submissions will reach you.

In addition to this, you can increase the authenticity of your emails by enabling DKIM to avoid email services blacklisting your domain or your confirmation message falling into spam folders. We are currently working on this feature, and watch this space for the feature updates.

Build customer relationships over social media 

Do you have social handles for your business? Then, why not include them in your emails as clickable social media links? People who are happy with the service are likely to share it.


Try out these tips for optimizing your confirmation emails and increase your business's appeal. How are your confirmation emails with Zoho Forms working? Let us know below—we'd love to hear from you!

Until next fortnight,

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