Tip of the week #26 - Delegate work items efficiently

Tip of the week #26 - Delegate work items efficiently

Effective work delegation boosts the productivity of your business. Delegating work efficiently not only lightens the workload of your team members, but also helps in identifying and assigning the right person to handle the work.

In Zoho TeamInbox, as and when a new conversation starts, you can assign the thread to the person responsible for it. This ensures that no message is ignored, fosters a transparent work culture, and will also help everyone in the team know who is working on what.

The '"Assign to me" feature allows you to assign threads to yourself, whereas you can assign the threads to other members in your team as well. Based on the context and the relevance of the thread, you or your team members can delegate the task to the person responsible for it. The assignee will know the person who assigned the task to them. You can also unassign the thread anytime you want, and all these activities will be tracked in the timeline.

The threads that are assigned to you will be present in the "Assigned to me" view on the left pane whereas the threads that are assigned to your team members will be present in the "Assigned to others" view.

You can also delegate the work of reviewing your message draft to your team members by using the "Share Draft" feature. The team members can now make requests to edit your content.

Another effective way of work delegation is automation. Zoho TeamInbox allows you to set rules in such a way that when certain conditions are met, it automatically assigns the thread to the person responsible for it. This way, you don't have to manually assign a thread every time it falls in your inbox. 

For example, when a thread contains the word "analytics report", it is automatically assigned to the digital marketing head of an organization.

By delegating the work items effectively, you and your team can move one step closer to achieving "Inbox Zero'" because you are now finishing all your work on time.

Try these features and let us know how it helped you delegate work items efficiently.

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