Tip of the week 47 - 5 creative types of email content for this holiday season

Tip of the week 47 - 5 creative types of email content for this holiday season

As we all know, holidays are indeed a great time to drive more sales to businesses. What are your email marketing strategies for this holiday season? Are you worried about the email content for your contacts this time? Let's dive deep into the types of email content that could be sent out to your contacts.


Note: We've a tip on cleaning your email list that can help you keep your holiday email content useful to relevant contacts.


Here's how to create a great holiday email marketing experience:


1. Holiday themes: This is the easiest of your holiday emails. Holiday-centric themes and imageries set the mood of your email campaign.They are unbeatable in the art of impressing contacts, unlike other templates. Check out the email templates from Zoho Campaigns.


2. Season specials: Don't end up focusing just on themes that make your content irrelevant. Read your reports and write content that interests each of your contacts. Give shipping offers and coupons in your holiday sales preview to all the "early bird" shoppers. Include the holiday histories, invite them for contests, fund-raising events and many more to make your emails more engaging. 


3. Year-end updates: Most importantly, say thank you to all the contacts who joined the journey along with your business. Send emails that contain the end-of-year updates and make brand announcements/product updates for the new year that is all set to take you to new goals for your business. This helps your contacts be aware of all the updates that happened in the past. 


4. Business gifts: The joy of celebrating holidays with gifts can be made possible by offering your contacts gift certificates. Share gifts to your contacts via emails to ensure that they gift something for their friends/family. By giving your recipients these options, they will feel that they're valued giving you better engagement rates.


5. Insider stories: Upload videos or attach photos while sending out emails where you can show them your workplace, how products are made (not your trade secret, of course), seasonal wishes/greetings from your team. This way, the recipients feel a personal connection towards you and you can count them in while taking the list of sales that happen next time.


Now that you're all ready to craft your holiday email campaign, we wish you a delightful holiday email marketing this season!

Keep watching out this space for more tips and best practices on holiday email marketing. You can also write about your requirements in the comment box below. We'd love to hear from you!


Annet Mathews

                        Zoho Marketing Automation

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