Tips and Tricks #35: Animate every element of your data table using Show

Tips and Tricks #35: Animate every element of your data table using Show

Hi Everyone!

Using animation effects in Show, you can highlight different parts of a table such as a specific row, column, or even a certain cell.  
This is useful especially when you have a lot of complex data in your table and want to display it in small sections to your audience so they can understand your work better. This also allows you to present data gradually on the screen as you explain them to your viewers.
For example, consider a pricing table with each column showing different plans and each row representing privileges of a software application under each scheme. In such cases, you can highlight the privileges of a particular scheme using the Each Column option. 
Likewise, to emphasize all the privileges in a particular row, you can use the Each Cell (Row Wise) 

Note: You can also highlight the header and footer of a table by applying animation effects to them.
Additionally, table animation tool lets you to Change Animation and set the Duration or Delay By values for your table animation. Here's a video showing how you can switch to a different animation effect for each table in the slide using Show:

To animate a table using Show,
  1. Select the table you want to animate. 
  2. Click ANIMATE and then select the category you want to pick an effect from in the drop-down menu. 
  3. Click the Add Animations drop-down and choose an effect based on how you want to highlight your data. 
  4. Select the part of the table you want to emphasize using the Animate drop-down. 
  5. Click Animation Order button to set the Start, Duration, and Delay By values for that animation effect. 

Note: Use a limited number of animation effects for any slide table to avoid too many distracting movements in your presentation. 

We hope you found this article helpful! We'll be back with more interesting tips for Show.
In case you missed our previous post in the Tips and Tricks series, you can find them here.  
You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how Show can help improve your business communications. You may also write to us at or comment below.

Happy presenting!
—the Show team   

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