Tips & Tricks #14: How to Send Invoices to Your Subscribers Using Webmerge

Tips & Tricks #14: How to Send Invoices to Your Subscribers Using Webmerge

This time, we'll be taking a look at how you can use Webmerge to create and send invoices automatically to your customers as soon as an invoice has been raised for them in Zoho Subscriptions.

Our weekly tips and tricks help you get the most out of Zoho Subscriptions. Go ahead and check out our previous post about 5 features that are exclusive to Zoho Subscriptions' mobile apps, in case you missed it.

How would this help you?

Zoho Subscriptions provides customizable email and PDF templates that you can send your customers. However, if you already use Webmerge to send documents to your customers for other services, you can learn how to do so with Zoho Subscriptions as well. This will help if you have a particular template in Webmerge that your customers are accustomed to and you'd like to maintain document uniformity among all the services that you provide.

Using Webmerge with Zoho Subscriptions

To use Webmerge with Zoho Subscriptions, we'll need to configure a document template in Webmerge and then set up a webhook in Zoho Subscriptions that can deliver data to Webmerge when certain events take place. Webmerge will then fill this data in your configured document template, which can be sent to your customers, if required.

Let's take a scenario where you want to use Webmerge to automatically send your customers an email notification with an attached invoice PDF as soon as an invoice has been raised for them in Zoho Subscriptions. To do this, you'll need to configure the following settings in both Webmerge and Zoho Subscriptions:
  1. Create/edit a document template in Webmerge.
  2. Configure document related settings in Webmerge.
  3. Configure the email content and delivery settings of your document in Webmerge.
  4. Copy the Merge URL from Webmerge.
  5. Create a Webhook in Zoho Subscriptions with the copied Merge URL.
  6. Map your fields in Zoho Subscriptions to the Merge fields in Webmerge.

These steps can be performed with ease. Let's see how:
  • Go to Webmerge > Documents.
  • Click New Document and enter a name for it. You can also choose an existing document and edit it.

  • Select a Document Type in the pop-up.
  • Choose the delivery method as Send Email.
  • Click the Document Builder tab to edit your document.

Here, you can edit your document and insert merge fields, which are placeholders that will be filled with the corresponding data from Zoho Subscriptions.

  • Click Save.
You can customize various document related settings like the name and output type from the Settings tab. In this tab, ensure that the status is set to Test Mode and mark the Save merge data for debugging box before saving.

Next, go to the Deliver tab to configure your email delivery settings. These settings are used to deliver the document to your customer as soon as the webhook has been triggered.

Once these steps are done, go to the Merge tab and copy the Merge URL. This URL will serve as the delivery address for the webhook in Zoho Subscriptions.

To configure the webhook in Zoho Subscriptions:
  • Go to Zoho Subscriptions > Settings > Automation > Webhooks.
  • Click + New Webhook.
  • Enter a name for the webhook and select the module as Invoice.
  • Select the Predefined Event as Invoice Created.
  • Enter the Merge URL copied from Webmerge in the URL & PARAMTERS field.

  • Click Save.
Now, your webhook has been configured in Zoho Subscriptions. The next time this webhook is triggered, it is necessary to go back to Webmerge to complete some final steps like field mapping. To do this:
  • Go to Webmerge > Documents.
  • Click on a document and go to the Overview tab.

Under the Recent Merges section, click View Data for the most recent merge.

This pop-up contains all the fields and their data contained in the webhook received from Zoho Subscriptions. Click a particular field to show the merge code, which is the name of the placeholder from Zoho Subscriptions.

These merge codes will have to be entered under their corresponding merge fields in the Field Map tab.

You're all set! The next time an invoice is raised for one of your subscribers, your configured webhook will be fired from Zoho Subscriptions and Webmerge will automatically fill in the corresponding data in your document template and send it to your customer.

Note: It's important that you disable similar notifications in Zoho Subscriptions to avoid sending your customers duplicate emails and notifications.

Have questions? Let us know in the comments below. We're always open to your suggestions and feedback.

Varun Steven
The Zoho Subscriptions Team

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