Tips and Tricks #17: How smart can you be with Smart Elements?

Tips and Tricks #17: How smart can you be with Smart Elements?

Hi Everyone!

Zoho Show has added an interesting new feature for you to try out: Smart Elements.

Text isn't the ideal medium for all ideas. Visuals can be an effective means for conveying ideas to your audience. With the help of the right presentation tool, the probability of reaching the audience is even greater. Zoho Show's Smart Elements help you reveal the most sensitive and complex strategies in a simple yet illustrative style.

Smart Elements are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that represent data visually in a meaningful, measurable way. These metrics help you visualize and present data in a more engaging way.

Only smart goals or objectives can build Smart Elements:
S (Specific)- Determines the "what" in your goal.
M (Measurable)- Determines the factor that tells you "the goal is reached".
A (Attainable)- Determines the "Is it possible to attain" in your goal.
R (Relevant)- Determines whether your business is in par with the goal.
T (Time-bound)- Determines the "when" in your goal along with key breakthroughs in your goal.

Evaluate and Re-evaluate are the two fundamentals of Smart Elements in the sense that, unlike the usual KPI’s, the Smart Elements help you track your performance against the defined set of business objectives, constantly. This helps you determine your business flaws, backlogs, loopholes, success parameters and also get a quick overview of the entire business scenario including identifying outstanding professionals in your business, effortlessly.

Zoho Show has many types of Smart Elements to offer you:
  1. Circular Indicators : These indicators can be used to show proportions in percentages, making them a useful tool customer base, trends in your organization's internal operations, and much more. For example;
    Manufacturing sector :
    You can depict facts about the status of your operations, freight levels, backlogs, and the items being shipped.
    Note: You can also use Vertical or Horizontal indicators for Circular indicators. 

  2. Clocks : Clocks are useful when discussing an event that affects offices or customers in different parts of the world, to save your audience from having to convert the time in your head. Timers are great for managing interactive aspects of a presentation, like timed quiz questions or brainstorming. Keep your presentation on schedule and your audience on the same page. For example;
    Marketing/Sales sector
    You can keep track of the relevant time zones when presenting contents to clients in different parts of the world.

  3. People Indicators : These performance indicators are helpful for representing facts about your customer base or staff. For example;
    Human Resource sector
    You can sketch the employee gender ratio or the total head count in a particular department.

  4. Arc Meters : These indicators indicate the progress towards an objective over a time span, and they come in several styles. For example; 
    Healthcare sector
    You can get an idea on the number of beds occupied compared to the total number of beds in a department. This can help management make decisions about allocating resources and predict what that percentage will look like in the near future.

Some tips you can follow while using the Smart Elements in your Show are given below:
  • Choose the Smart Element that best fits the information you want to represent 
  • Provide accurate settings information for the Smart Elements in the pop-up window that appears 
  • Preview the Smart Elements and make changes before you go live 
  • Ensure that the Smart Elements you use fit with your strategic goals and targets 
  • Pick the right Element for your need
  • Ensure that your Smart Elements show live results
Once everything is properly in place, the Smart Elements are reliable and can fetch data easily and accurately.

To add Smart Elements to your presentations,
  1. Open the required slide in the Show Editor. 
  2. Click Shape  > Smart Elements . All the available indicators (Smart Elements) will appear. 
  3. Select the type of indicator you want to use, and the indicator will be added to the slide. 
  4. Provide details for the indicator in the pop-up window that appears along with the indicator. You may preview the indicator to ensure your business criteria is met. 
It's that simple!

We hope you found this article interesting and useful. Have questions or feedback to share? Feel free to comment below. We're looking forward to serving you.

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