Tired of signing multiple documents? Try Writer's Signature Blocks instead!

Tired of signing multiple documents? Try Writer's Signature Blocks instead!

Print, sign, scan, and fax. For so long, this had been the routine if you had to sign and send any document. Then came the era of digital signatures where the "print, scan, and fax" actions were eliminated but you still had to sign every document digitally. But what if we could eliminate that as well?
With Writer's Signature Block, all you have to do is simply add an image of your signature to all your documents and you're good to go.
Here's how you can easily use Writer's Signature Block:
Store your signature
It's as simple as taking a picture. All you have to do is capture your signature digitally and Writer will store it indefinitely in the cloud. This way, the next time you have a dozen documents to sign, just drag and drop your signature image wherever necessary. There you have it, all your documents are signed immediately and consistently.

Add more information to your signature block
What's the point of a signature if you don't know who signed it? That's why some documents require additional details like printed name, title, company, and more. Writer's Signature Block makes it easy to enter such information. Just add a signature line to a document or a graphic of your handwritten signature and type the information necessary.


Save your Signature Block as Quick Text
To make signing even easier, you can save your signature block containing both your signature and additional information as a reusable Quick Text entry. This will make signing mountains of documents as simple as clicking a single button.


That's all for now. Let us know what you think of this update in the comments below.


Happy writing and stay safe!

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