To err is human: Let Zoho Sheet's Spell Check handle typos for you!

To err is human: Let Zoho Sheet's Spell Check handle typos for you!

Working together with your team under a tight deadline, without a lot of room for human errors? No matter what field you're in, misspelled words and typos make your otherwise splendid spreadsheet look a little unprofessional.

Worry not! Zoho Sheet is happy to announce Spell Check, powered by Zoho Writer's Zia. As you probably know already, our Data Cleaning tool helps you clean the data in your spreadsheet. Now with Spell Check, Zoho Sheet makes it easier to keep your spreadsheet data clean and your spelling correct. 

What can Spell Check do for you?

  1. Highlights misspelled words in your spreadsheet and gives you an option to correct them.
  2. If your team is working from multiple countries and you have trouble maintaining consistency, simply switch to the language and/or locality you want the spreadsheet to be in. This way, Spell Check can identify spelling variations that are correct but not used in your chosen dialect.
  3. Create your own dictionary of any proper nouns and industry terms you often use but are not part of a generic dictionary, like brand names and field-specific portmanteaus. Once you add a word to your custom dictionary, Spell Check will recognize that term as well.

Why should you use Spell Check?

Inconsistent spelling and typos can mess with your functions, analysis, visualizations, and more. In addition to increasing the perceived professionalism of your work, it's important to double check that you've spelled words correctly to ensure data accuracy. Luckily, Zoho Sheet's Spell Check is here to help you make sure you never miss a spelling mistake again. So give it a try now and let us know your thoughts! 

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