Track Your Changes Across Zoho Writer and MS Word

Track Your Changes Across Zoho Writer and MS Word

Let's say you are a proofreader who uses Zoho Docs to store and manage your documents. You proofread the document with Track Changes enabled using Zoho Writer.  But  your client uses MS Word, and the moment you send the updated file to them it goes haywire . But, not anymore! We realized how frustrating it was for you to switch between the two softwares, and hence we have the perfect solution.

A seamless integration between Zoho Writer and MS Word, so all your tracked changes stays just the way it was when you import or export. So, no matter where you edit, your changes are visible wherever you view it. With this integration, we aim to ease your  work process   when you have to work with multiple organizations using different  word processors.


The integration makes sure all your changes stays intact whenever you export a file from Zoho Writer to . docx  format or import a file from MS Word in . docx  format. Currently, we support the transition of all text based edits, but please note that there might be some hiccups if the document has  complex   layouts . We are working  continuously  to enhance our user experience, so let us know your feedback to help us serve you better!

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                                      Hello everyone! We understand moving to a new word processing tool can be difficult, especially if it means switching from a legacy software like MS Word. That's why we've organized an exclusive webinar where we talk you through ways to make your switch from MS Word to Writer as easy as possible. In this webinar, you'll learn: - Why Writer is a simple yet powerful alternative to MS Word. - How to locate your favorite MS Word features and functions in Writer.  - How to migrate your Word documents
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                                      Hey there, Writers! =] As a part of the Writer Designer's Update 2018, here's everything new and improved with Tables in Writer: 1. Customizable horizontal lines  While horizontal lines act as separators for different sections in a document, they also make your document more visually appealing and easier to read. Keeping that in mind, we've now added some handy customization options for horizontal lines in the form of line weight, color, pattern, and alignment. 2. Beautiful page borders Give your
                                    • Zoho Clipboard App has been discontinued

                                      Hello there! Thanks to everyone who wrote to us. We could see you had trouble installing, and using both Zoho Writer and Zoho Clipboard Apps at the same time via Chrome Web Store. To avoid this conflict, we have decided to, as you've already guessed, discontinue the App, and bundle it with the Zoho Writer App itself. Chrome users will only need the Zoho Writer App now to enable Copy and Paste on right click. Here's the how to remove the Clipboard App: 1. Go to your Chrome Apps page by clicking on
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                                      Preview the all-new Zoho Writer to see our cleaner, more stylish, and more intuitive interface. Click the Try New Version link on top of your Writer window and switch to a better experience.  Here's all that's new: Revamped UI With a brand new look, comes a whole new approach – introducing modes, a simpler way to write. The Compose mode gives you a space to write without distractions. Switch to the Review mode when it's time to add other people to the equation, and get feedback from your peers. When

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