Unfurling a Richer Cliq Platform Experience

Unfurling a Richer Cliq Platform Experience

Hello everyone,

This time we're back again dedicated to transform Cliq into your personalized playground, giving you the power to tinker, tailor, and tweak your apps to perfection and extended Cliq's native functionality.

We've added some new features in Cliq 5.0 letting developers in Platform create extensions and tools to boost productivity, create workflows and extend Cliq's functionality.

Here's some of the new additions → 

1. Images and Cards in Widgets

Cliq Widgets has leveled up — Widgets can now display Images or Cards as in Gallery (vertical) or in Carousel (horizontal) view. Create captivating image galleries, product showcases, and immersive visual content for your users. 

2. Custom Un​​​furling in Extensions
Tired of your App Links looking like this

Bring more life to links and make them rich and interactive by using the Unfurl Handler in Extensions.

You can now configure custom link unfurling for specific domains by adding custom buttons, dynamic actions, and adding extra workflows post sending the link.

To configure,

  • Go to Bots & Tools → Extensions → '+ Create new extension' or 'choose an existing extension of your choice' → Edit Configuration.

  • Scroll down to Unfurl Handler and define the URL you want to customize.

  • Edit code in the handler of your choice and voila!

    The Unfurl Landscape |
    Types of Unfurl Handlers

    • Preview Handler - Expand the link to display a richer data format

    • Action Handler - Execute actions on the buttons in the link data.

    • Menu Handler - Display dynamic actions in the link data.

  • Post-Send Action Handler - To trigger a workflow when an expanded URL is shared in a conversation. (Eg. Zoho Writer prompts to give access to those in the channel after sharing a Writer document) 

User Experience when using custom unfurling

Once you define these handlers and have the implementation, your extension is ready to expand links of third-party cloud apps.

For instance, let's see the experience of your users who install these extensions in their Cliq.

Upon installation of the extension, when the user share a link of the defined third-party link, they will be prompted to allow the extension to expand the link.  

When there are multiple extensions available in the organization to render the same domain, the choice is given to the user. 

Or go to Profile & Settings → Privacy → App Links → Switch the configuration from Open Graph (Default) to your extension of choice.

For more help, please refer this document →

3. New Bot Subscription Model

Introducing the Bot New Subscription Model – now you can nudge non-subscribed users to relay important information in your access level. Bot will give them a nudge in their notifications and recipients can decide to subscribe if they wish. It's as simple as leaving a note on their desk.

In the new model, we allow the admin or creator of the bot to send messages to users who have not yet subscribed to the bot. To achieve this, the admin (team/org) or bot creator can use Bot Message API and specify the "userids" key, which is a list of ZUIDs to whom the message should be sent.

Here, users who are already subscribed - will receive notification as usual and who aren't subscribed - will receive notification but whenever the bot chat is opened, a prompt will be shown asking if they would like to subscribe to the bot or not.

Once the user selects "Continue", bot will be subscribed for that user.

If the user choose to "Unsubscribe", further notifications will not be posted to the user unless they're subscribed to the bot.

4. Webhook Tokens Revamp

Effortlessly link Cliq with external apps using incoming webhook tokens. With these tokens, you can easily perform actions such as posting messages using bots and in channels, etc using the various REST APIs making communication between Cliq and external apps a breeze.

We've now revamped this experience into the new and improved webhook tokens in Cliq. Managing your incoming webhook integrations is now easier than ever with our redesigned interface.

Quickly generate, view, edit, disable or delete tokens and keep track of usage history, invocations, and last access time for each token with just a few clicks.

5. Effortless Extension Publishing | UI Revamp

Developers, get ready to simplify your extension publishing experience. Our redesigned publish UI lets you effortlessly manage extensions, compiled components view, pricing plans, versions, and publishing automations and workflows in one intuitive view.  

6. New Components Alert

We've added new components in Platform so you can make more purposeful and powerful tools for your organization.

  • New Database Fields
    Large text and Encrypted text have been added as new fields in Database to cover for all your data needs, no matter how big or confidential!

  • Attachment button
    Introducing the all-new Preview button type in the Platform! A nifty preview modal will pop up, so you don't have to open a new tab every time and giving you the glimpse you need. Learn more

  • Custom icons | Bot menu actions
    You can now customize icons and change colours in your bot menu actions for all bots to add a dash of style and convey more meaning. 

7. Fresh Updates & New Integrations (Coming soon)

Enhance your Cliq experience by connecting with all your favorite tools you and your team loves, to take your daily workflow to the next level.

Want an extension you don't see in the Marketplace? Mail us your requirement to support@zohomarketplace.com so we can develop it for you.

Curious developer? Build your own extension with Cliq's REST APIs and submit it to get yours featured 👆 Start building → 

So go ahead and build. We're eager to see your innovations in action.

With love,
Zoho Cliq 💙

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