Unified telephony in Zoho CRM Plus

Unified telephony in Zoho CRM Plus

In any business, managing calls with the prospects or customers is an integral part of a salesperson or a support agent's daily life. They have access to information about the customers within Zoho CRM, and they also use a suitable PBX service to communicate with customers. In the past, these two platforms were siloed, meaning salespeople had to switch between them to contact customers.
Telephony in Zoho broke this siloed approach by enabling you to integrate your PBX service into Zoho CRM and other solutions.
Previously in Zoho CRM Plus, you could integrate your PBX services with CRM, Desk and SalesIQ individually to manage calls with your customers. This ended up being quite a hassle when one received calls from multiple modules.
In this update, however, we've unified the telephony integration with Zoho CRM Plus, so you can connect with a PBX/contact center from the Marketplace or set up Zoho's built-in contact center. This one-time integration makes it easy for you to manage calls with your customers.
All incoming calls appear at the bottom-right corner of your window and you can view contextual information from CRM and Desk. You don't have to switch between modules to find the relevant information.

Accessing telephony in Zoho CRM Plus

You can integrate telephony in Zoho CRM Plus from Setup > Admin Panel > Telephony.

Telephony marketplace

Zoho CRM Plus enables you to integrate with various PBX services such as RingCentral, Amazon Connect, 7Moor, RingOver, TeleCMI, VoxSun, and many more. Once a PBX service is integrated, you can make calls to your leads and contacts from CRM and Desk. You can integrate with multiple PBX services, but a user in CRM Plus can be associated with only one PBX service at a time.

Built-in telephony

Zoho's built-in telephony enables you to purchase a phone number, configure incoming call routing, and associate phone numbers to users for outgoing calls. You can purchase numbers and make or receive calls with the help of credits. These credits will be spent on phone number maintenance, recording storage, and call activity. You can buy credits from the Telephony tab in the Admin Panel. One credit equals $1 USD.
We hope you find this information useful. Try it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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