Cadences: Redefining CRM interactions with automated sequential follow-ups

Cadences: Redefining CRM interactions with automated sequential follow-ups

Last modified on 01/04/2024: Cadences is now available for all Zoho CRM users in all data centres (DCs). Note that it was previously an early access feature, available only upon request, and was also known as Cadences Studio. As of April 1, 2024, it's been rolled out for all Zoho CRM accounts. Find out more about Cadences in our help documentation.

Hello everyone,

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer relationships, businesses face the challenge of standing out with unique and tailored engagement strategies. Gone are the days of generic communications and mass email blasts. Today's customers crave engagement that feels unique, tailored, and truly understands their needs. Zoho CRM proudly unveils its answer: Cadences, a tool that not only enriches customer interaction but also simplifies complex workflow processes. 

What are Cadences?

Cadences in Zoho CRM automates and streamlines customer follow-up processes. It enables users to create targeted, sequential communications, like emails, calls, or tasks, based on customer interactions and behaviours. Ideal for sales and marketing professionals, it maintains consistent, personalized follow-ups with leads and prospects until a desired outcome is achieved.

Cadences in Zoho CRM are more than just automation tools for follow-ups; they're a transformative solution for managing customer interactions. 

Previously, a series of responsive follow-ups often meant creating multiple workflows, using different fields and conditions. Cadences streamline this, enabling you to handle what once needed several workflows with just one cadence.

Consider a case where you're sending multiple emails for an event. You want to stop sending them once a customer replies or the event date passes. In the past, this required setting up many workflows, each with its own conditions. Cadences Studio simplifies this by offering a single platform. This single platform does the job of many workflows, saving time and making things less complex.

It's a strategic asset, meticulously designed to enhance your marketing and sales strategies, empowering you to personalize your interactions with every customer, from their first interaction with your follow-up to, ultimately, when you un-enrol them from the cadence. 

The true power of Cadences lies in the ability to transform various business scenarios.

Cadence's adaptability makes it suitable for various industries. Whether it’s for collecting e-commerce customer feedback, managing healthcare appointments, updating SaaS users about new features, or engaging real estate prospects, Cadences can be tailored to meet these diverse requirements.
  • Real estate: Respond promptly to inquiries, schedule property visits, and nurture leads with the right information at the right time. Cadences help realtors convert more leads into happy homeowners, propelling them to the top of the market.
  • E-commerce: Imagine collecting valuable customer feedback after each purchase, automatically prompting reviews, and proactively addressing negative experiences. Cadences help online retailers foster meaningful relationships with customers and drive continuous improvement.
Key highlights of Cadences 
  • Automated sequential follow-ups
    Automated sequences of actions can be established by businesses, which are activated according to customer responses or the absence of them. For instance, if a customer opens an email but does not reply, a subsequent email can be automatically sent. Similarly, if the email is bounced, a different email can be sent based on the predetermined cadence configuration.

  • Intelligent automation
    Cadences' intelligent automation doesn't stop at follow-ups. It automatically removes records that have reached their desired outcome, maximizing your team's efficiency and focusing your efforts on the most relevant interactions.

  • Multiple follow-up capabilities
    Expand your communication beyond the traditional email follow-ups by utilizing Cadences. This platform allows you to incorporate phone call and task follow-ups effortlessly, alongside email follow-ups, resulting in a diverse and personalized experience that aligns with the preferences of every customer.

  • Robust analytics
    Gain a thorough comprehension of customer engagement with the advanced analytics offered by Cadences. Track the effectiveness of campaigns and customer behaviour to obtain valuable insights. These analytics are essential for optimizing strategies and improving engagement, serving as a reliable tool for continuously enhancing customer engagement efforts.

Configuration and utilization 
Setting up Cadences involve choosing your target audience and configuring up to three types of follow-ups (emails, tasks, and calls), each with specific configuration options to suit your unique campaign needs.

Configuring Cadences is a streamlined process:
  • Target audience selection
    Choose between manual enrollment or custom views in your chosen module. This allows for precise targeting and effective campaign execution.

  • First follow-up configuration
    You can configure the first follow-up as either an email, task, or call. You can also choose when the first follow-up should be triggered.

  • Responsive follow-up configuration
    The successive follow-ups within a cadence can be intricately configured based on the actions taken on the previous follow-up. For instance, if an email in the first follow-up is opened or clicked, you can set the subsequent follow-up to be a personalized call or a task, depending on the customer's interaction.

In summary, Cadences empower you to automate and personalize lead engagement, driving efficiency and effectiveness in your CRM strategy, and ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships and enhanced business growth.


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