Upcoming Features for Zoho Subscriptions

Upcoming Features for Zoho Subscriptions

Hello everyone,

Zoho Subscriptions is set to receive a massive update, with a bunch of new features and usability improvements. This update will also provide a shared user experience with other apps from the Zoho Finance suite, such as Zoho Books or Zoho Inventory.

Here's a quick peek at some of the features that will be available to you soon:

Payment Links for ad hoc payments

This is a new feature that will let you request and accept one-time payments from customers by sending them payment links, which they can use to make online payments to you. These payments can be for miscellaneous reasons that need not be related to any subscriptions, such as an advance payment or a convenience fee.

Enhancements to reports
  • Revamped UI: Most reports will get a slicker UI, that's more intuitive and puts commonly used customization features in places that are easier to access. Some reports will also get comparative percentage changes across different periods, along with the option to set expected figures as a benchmark. Here's a glimpse of what the new UI will look like:     

  • Favorites: Mark frequently visited reports as favorites to pin them at the top of the Reports module.

  • Share reports: You can quickly share the reports that you've generated with other users and set the level of access they have for that report as well.

  • Schedule reports: You can schedule some reports to be generated routinely and emailed to the recipients that you choose.
More control for emails
  • Sender Email Preferences will allow you to manage the From address of emails that are sent from Zoho Subscriptions. It will also assist you in adding SPF and DKIM records for your domain, to prevent your emails from landing in a recipient's spam or trash folder.

  • Email Insights lets you keep track of the notification emails that have been sent to customers. You will be able to know if an email was opened, and exactly when it was opened, which can help in deciding when to initiate follow-up conversations with customers.

Revamped modules

The following modules will receive new features and improvements all-around:
  • Customers: You will be able to generate customer statements, send emails directly from Zoho Subscriptions, and find related transactions more easily with an improved Transactions tab.

  • Subscriptions: New features like creating customers on the fly, contextual customer details, and Advanced Search for customers will make it much faster to create new subscriptions.

  • Payments: The existing Transactions module will be renamed to Payments. You can use it to record or edit payments, view payment receipt PDFs, and perform an Advanced Search to find payments easily.

General usability improvements

Throughout the app, you will find changes that aid with usability and accessibility. Here are some that will be evidently visible:
  • Invoice Details: The action bar in the invoice details screen has been revamped. The new design adds text to previously standalone icons and also groups certain options to make them easier to find.

  • Recent Activities: The recent activities dropdown, that's always present near the search bar will assist in navigation by listing any transactions or customers that have recently been updated, created or visited.
  • Online Payments: The Online Payments section in Settings > Integrations, will be moved out to its own spot in Settings, and all the payment gateway integrations that are available will be grouped based on the type of payment methods that they support. 
  • Right-to-left interface: If your organization's language is set to Arabic, Zoho Subscriptions' entire interface, including navigation bars and other visual elements will be switched to a right-to-left style, so Arabic speakers will feel right at home.

New and improved settings

Apart from bolstering some existing modules with more preferences, there will also be new sections in Settings, to accommodate preferences for the newly added features.

Here's what will change in Settings:
  • Users and Roles: You will be provided with an extensive range of configurations for how users can access reports.
  • Templates: The existing Templates section will house templates for two new documents: Customer Statements & Payment Receipts. The template editor will also see improvements, such as the ability to add annexure content and adjust the width of individual rows in item tables.
  • Reporting Tags: A new section to manage reporting tags will be added.
  • Emails: The existing Email Notifications section will be renamed to Emails, and will direct towards Sender Email Preferences, Email Insights, and templates for email notifications.
The following changes will be made in Settings > Preferences.
  • General: This is a new section that will contain common preferences, such as options for your organization's address format or PDF attachments in emails.  
  • Payments: The existing Payments section will be renamed to Payments Received, along with preferences fo custom fields and custom buttons.
  • Delivery Notes & Packing Slips: These are two new sections, which will let you configure the layout and label names for delivery notes and packing slips. 
  • Users: This is a new section which will allow you to configure custom fields for the users of your organization. 
These are some of the major features and improvements that will be available in Zoho Subscriptions. We'll reveal a full list of the new features and shed more light on the ones mentioned above soon. 

We'll release these features in the weeks that follow. We can't wait for you to try them out! You can also write to us at support@zohosubscriptions.com if you'd like early access to these features. Your feedback is valuable to us, so make sure to let us know what you think about these updates in the comments below!

Best regards, 
The Zoho Subscriptions Team

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