Upcoming Updates - June 2021

Upcoming Updates - June 2021

Hi all,

We hope that you are all safe and in good health. It has been one of the most challenging times of our age and we, as a global community, are trying to deal with it to the best of our abilities. Zoho Creator team has always tried to stick to its plan but we have not been able to deliver the features and enhancements that were previously scheduled for the month of April and May. We regret this inconvenience and appreciate that you have all been patient with us.

We are working on delivering the following by the end of this month:
  • Introducing Zoho Creator’s process management mechanism—Blueprint
  • Standardizing detail view UI in reports embedded in Pages
  • Improving import data in the live application
  • Enhancing print and export settings
  • Updating connection creation process
  • Changing maximum length of decimal field types
  • Obtaining confirmation of actions in pages

Customized Process Management Design

Blueprint provisions a meticulous design to the process laid out in your Creator application. You can envision the process management in your organization and create a functional structure for it, complete with automation, validation, and collaboration.

The drag and drop capabilities of this feature makes setting up blueprints quite simple. Please check out our detailed post on this new tool for better understanding.

Standardized UI for Detail View in Pages

We are introducing an enhancement in the reports embedded in the Pages component. The detail view of records will appear as a larger window in the Pages of your Zoho Creator application. This update is aimed at standardizing the way detail view appeared across reports, when embedded in pages, and improving its user interface.

Improved Import Data in Live app

You might be aware that you can create apps and forms by importing data into the live mode of Creator. We have enhanced it to facilitate more capabilities. You will be able to update the existing records while importing data. To import records to an existing form, we are using the import engine that is used in apps and forms created by importing data. Users who have been using the old migration tool to update existing records can now use this ability as an alternative. Apart from this, we have also incorporated Smart Suggestions, which is already available in form creation, in live mode, to provide intuitive recommendations while you are importing data.

Note: The lookup field will also function properly.

Enhanced Print and Export settings

We will be introducing a few enhancements to print and export settings. In the new export settings, you will be able to provide a file name, select the file format, select the columns to be included in the file, and make the file password-protected.

Similarly, in the new print settings, you will be able to assign the type of view and define preview and print button specifications.

Multiple Updates related to Connections
  • Introducing support for connection in DS while exporting and importing application.
  • Regulating connection creation and authorization process. When you create a connection in the Setup Page, the first step involves entering connection related params like Connection Name and Scopes. After this is completed, the second step involves entering the required params for authorization. The same procedure will be applicable to integration forms (Salesforce and Quick books), integration fields, and Send SMS tasks, as well.
  • Introducing connection authorization in live mode. Developers and admins will be able to view and manage authorizations of connections from the live mode of the application itself.
  • Editing connection link name will be facilitated after creating a connection.
  • Reusing authorization will be supported. Let's say, an admin has created a connection A for the service Zoho OAuth, with a designated permission set (scopes). While creating a new connection B for the same service with the same permission set, the admin will see an option to reuse the existing authorization for connection B. The authorization can be reused if the service and the permission set of two connections are matching. (Please note the authorizations by the same user will be listed and is applicable only for user connections.)
  • Including a new service Paytm for payment connections.
Maximum length of decimal type fields

The maximum length of decimal type fields, decimal, percent, and currency, is being reduced from 19 to 16. The change is a result of a few technical limitations. If your existing data contain decimal digits that exceed 16, once the change is implemented, those values will be rounded off to adhere to the changed limit.

Obtain confirmation on actions
We’re going to introduce the ability to get confirmation on actions in Pages component. This enables you to have a confirmation popup while trying to execute a function on click of a button. You will be able to customize the request for confirmation message and text in the action button. You can also insert fields in the body of the message. The feature will be available only for executing a function.

There are a few other minor updates that are scheduled, as well. We will be updating them in our Release Notes.

Please contact us at support@zohocreator.com for clarifications.

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