Updates in deal stage and stage probability mapping

Updates in deal stage and stage probability mapping

Hello everyone,

We have enhanced the user interface of deal stages in the detail page and also made some changes to the stage probability mapping.

Visual updates in the deals stages component
In the record detail page the deal stages will display the won or lost state using the thumbs up or thumbs down icon. As in, the stages that represent the deal state as won will have a thumbs up icon beside it for easy understanding.

Similarly, we will show a thumbs up and down sign to list all the deals that are in won or lost state under the respective category for users to locate the stages easily.
Won stages marked green with thumbs up icon.

Lost stages marked red with thumbs down icon

Renaming Forecast type as Deal Category
The stage-probability mapping is defined by three attributes: Probability, Forecast type, and Forecast Category. Now, we have renamed Forecast type to Deal Category to represent the current state a deal clearly. The deal category will have the following options: Open, Closed Won, and Closed Lost.

Also, the current state of a deal will be determined by the Deal Category. For example, if negotiation/review is considered as Closed Won, then deals in this stage will be considered as won. Earlier the deals were defined based on probability and forecast category.

Mapping of forecast type and category
Earlier admins had to select the forecast type (now renamed as deal category) and map it with the appropriate forecast category. In case of incorrect mapping, the detailed view and forecast calculations would be inaccurate.
Thus, to prevent such inadvertent situations we have mapped the deal and forecast category for users ease.
Now, deal category: Open, Closed won, and Closed lost will be mapped with forecast category: Pipeline, Closed and Omitted respectively.

Filter deals based on deal category
Earlier the users would have to select the deal stage to find if it is won or lost. We are making it easier to filter the deals that are won, lost or open using the deal category. The stage will display the following options: is open, is won, is lost.

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