Updates in Workplace | June to September 2022

Updates in Workplace | June to September 2022

Hello Workplace Community,

Hope you're all doing good and staying safe. We have been working to provide you with various enhancements and new features across all the products in Zoho Workplace.

Here's the rundown of the features and enhancements that have been added to Zoho Workplace's applications.

Zoho Mail

Protect your confidential emails with a passcode

Keep your Streams thread tidy by moving the outdated and unwanted posts and emails to trash. You can also mark emails as Spam in email-enabled groups. Learn more!

Manage your mailbox settings in a new way

Zoho Mail's settings have clad a new look to make the interface more interactive and easily accessible. Check Out Now!

Share emails and threads as link

Long email threads, multiple forwards, and the challenge of sharing an email thread with anyone outside of your organization are things of the past. With just a few clicks, you can now share an email or email thread within and outside of your organization by creating a permalink for the email or email thread. Try now!

If This Then That, now handy in Zoho Mail

Do you worry about missing a tweet from your favorite celebrity or constantly check the weather forecast everyday? If you're looking for a solution to this, Zoho Mail has what you need. By integrating IFTTT with Zoho Mail, you can automate email actions and triggers depending on inputs from various applications. Learn more

Organization report summary in a single view

Need a summary of your organization reports in a single view and often finding it hard to get it done by someone else? The dashboard of Zoho Mail's Admin Reports section now provides you with a summary view of your organization reports for easy reference. Know more

Identify friends using an Avatar

Do you often get confused when you receive emails from friends whose names are similar? Let's put a stop to that. Now that Gravatar integration is available in Zoho Mail, you can view the distinctive Gravatars that your friends have set for their emails. Check out now

Partial delivery for Quarantined emails

When an email with multiple recipients in your organization is quarantined, you can now use the Partial delivery option to deliver the email to the specified recipients while rejecting the rest. Learn more

Set reminder and get notified

If you often forget about an email from a certain person or a specific topic, this feature is for you! You can now set a reminder for incoming emails based on particular conditions and receive notifications in your inbox. Check it out now

Protection from spoofing links

Are you concerned about email spoofing and hesitant to click on a URL in a legitimate email? Don't worry. When you click on a suspicious URL, Zoho Mail will now warn you with an alert message, and you can avoid falling victim to spoofing. 

What You Customize Is What You Compose

If you rarely or never use an option on the compose toolbar, find your frequently used tool hidden beneath other options, or if you use a limited set of tools to compose emails, we now provide you the option of customizing the email composer layout by hiding rarely used icons, grouping frequently used ones and doing much more based on your preferences. Try now

Creating an Issue is not a concern anymore

Jira integration in Zoho Mail allows you to create an Issue and add to your Jira account from an email without having to leave your inbox. You can also watch, edit and assign an Issue using the Jira eWidget. Learn more

Insert a Note with a click

With the Evernote integration in Zoho Mail you can easily create a Note using the content of an email and add it to your Evernote account. You can also insert a note in the email you compose in a jiffy. Know more

Zoho Calendar

Switch your views in the embedded calendar

When you embed Zoho Calendar in your website/ blogs, you can now choose to embed the calendar with multiple views simply by checking the 'allow switching views' option. This will let you switch your views between day/ week/ work/ month in your embedded calendar. Learn more

Stay on top of your schedules from anywhere-anytime!

With Zoho Calendar mobile application, save time and make the most of every day by managing all your calendars from one place. Explore!

Zoho Writer

Writer, now on your iPad and Android tablet web browsers!

Enjoy unrestricted access to all Writer's capabilities from your iPad and Android tablet web browsers! The latest update to the Writer mobile site empowers you with all the same tools and features as the existing laptop/desktop version. Read more


Get smart writing suggestions as you type, in any location across the web. Proofing on the go—wherever you write! Learn more

Introducing gutter and section margins

Writer's new gutter options, including mirror margins and section margins, simplify the process of designing printer-friendly layouts. Read more

Aggregation functions to enable effective data presentation with charts

Writer, now allows you to add aggregation functions such as count, count distinct, sum, average, min, max, median, and group by while adding charts in mail-merged documents in order to process and present your data exactly the way you need it. Learn more

Introducing document approval workflows in Writer

Streamline the process of creating, reviewing, and approving documents as well as operations across your organization with Writer's document workflows. Try now

Zoho Cliq

Sort channels in alphabetical order

We have now introduced the option to sort your channels in alphabetical order. Go to the channels category in the navigation sidebar, click the sorting icon next to the search bar and choose "Alphabetical order". Your channels will be sorted in alphabetical order. 

All new revamped file preview

You can now pane, rotate, and zoom in/out on images and files when previewing them.

Make guest users a part of your broadcast sessions

As the host of a broadcast session, you can now invite guests to join by sharing the broadcast link with them. Know more

Organize your meeting conversations

Channel admins can now configure whether to create a separate thread conversation for the meeting, continue meeting chat in the channel or let the host decide between options. Learn more

Introducing Cliq Networks for external collaboration

Businesses using Zoho Cliq can now collaborate seamlessly with partners, vendors, contract employees, and other stakeholders outside the organization. Networks offer a fully featured Cliq experience through chats, channels, meetings, admin controls, and permissions promoting secure communication inside a specific network while keeping your organization's assets segregated and protected. Read on to know more

Access your entire sent message history

Check out the history of the messages that you sent by navigating to History > Sent Messages from the navigation sidebar.

View call history with specific users

Click on the user's profile picture in the chat and select Calls to view your entire call history with the individual.

Zoho Meeting

Collaborate using Whiteboards

You can now use this feature to brainstorm ideas with meeting attendees in real-time. Try it now

Polls in online meeting

You can now create and launch live polls in online meetings to let participants voice their opinions on a subject. Check it out

Enhanced zoom-in for screen sharing

We have changed the zoom percentage from 25% to 10% so you can zoom in more closely to your screen while screen sharing.

Pause and resume recording

You can now record parts of a meeting by pausing and resuming recording.

Custom backgrounds

You can now upload custom background images for your virtual background in meetings.

Zoho Connect

Request to join Group

Using the all-new request to join option in Groups, admins can now easily manage who can join their Groups. Learn more

New permission in Manuals

With the new permission in Manuals settings, admins can now choose who can publish articles within Manuals. Know more

Zoho Sheet

Instantly locate any feature inside Sheet with Feature Finder

Spending too much time hovering over menus to find the desired feature? Use Feature Finder to locate the necessary tools for your spreadsheet data.

Zoho Show

Create stunning presentations with the Pexels add-on for Zoho Show

With the Pexels add-on for Zoho Show, you can access almost 3.2 million images and videos from right within your Show account. Create visually impressive presentations with these high-quality, royalty-free images. Learn more

Introducing Data Fields in Zoho Show

Data fields allow users to enter values and display variable data. They are presentation-specific, constant variables that can be used across a given presentation. With the Show app, you can define both String and Numeric data. Read on

Go through the updates, make use of them to have an improved experience and let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments section.

Follow Zoho Workplace on Twitter to get regular updates and tweets on Workplace applications.

Watch this space for latest updates in Workplace. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

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