Product updates - Jan and Feb 2024 | Zoho Workplace

Product updates - Jan and Feb 2024 | Zoho Workplace

Dear Workplace Community,

Hope you're all doing good and staying safe. While we continue to provide you with a seamless solution for collaboration and communication within the organization, we at Zoho Workplace were coming up with quite a few new features and enhancements across all Workplace applications.

Let's take a look at the product wise updates for the month of January and February, 2024.

Zoho Mail

Enhancing email security - Zoho Mail now supports BIMI

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) - adds an extra layer of security to your email communications. You can now display your organization's logos next to your emails in the recipient's inbox. This improves trust among recipients by providing a recognizable and legitimate representation of your organization and reducing the risk of potential phishing attempts. Recognizing legitimate emails becomes much easier with Zoho Mail.

Filter emails with no subject

Are you worried about managing incoming emails that lack subject lines? You can now filter such emails and define specific actions to be taken on these emails, such as moving them to a designated folder, marking them as spam, or deleting them altogether.

Unsubscribe from Shared Folders

Zoho Mail now offers you even more control over your inbox. Unsubscribe from folders you no longer want to be part of, freeing yourself from unnecessary emails or notifications from folders you're not actively engaged with. Focus on what truly matters to you.

Enhanced email management for Shared Mailboxes

Owner or the Moderator of a Shared Mailbox now have the option to delete emails within the group, providing enhanced control and efficiency in managing Shared Mailboxes.

Zoho Calendar

No more switching between applications

When you schedule an event in the CRM calendar from the Zoho Calendar,  you have the option to see the created event in Zoho CRM by selecting the 'View in CRM' option.

Export your calendar data whenever needed

Whether you're offline or aiming to transfer data to another account, Zoho Calendar allows you to export all calendars from the My Calendars section. You can also export Group Calendars that you've created or where you serve as a moderator, along with Shared calendars.

Introducing Zoho Calendar and Calendly sync

By using Calendly sync, you can easily manage both your Calendly and Zoho calendars from a single interface. This integration allows you to synchronize your Calendly calendar with your Zoho Calendar, enabling you to effortlessly view and manage your events from Zoho Calendar.

Zoho Meeting

Personal Meeting Rooms in Zoho Meeting

A personal meeting room is an ideal way to host private meetings and conversations with your colleagues, friends, and family. This secure, private space is only accessible through a unique link that is reserved for a particular user. The room is equipped with all the features of an online meeting, allowing you to collaborate with your guests in real-time.

Zoho Meeting Annotator

Zoho Meeting's annotator will help you add notes, comments, draw shapes, or highlight parts of your screen while screen sharing. You can now effortlessly add annotations and engage more during your screen sharing sessions.

Zoho Cliq

Video effects in video messages

Video messages now support background effects and video filters, enhancing the quality of your messages.

Send button in the composer

You can now activate the send button in the chat composer, altering the way you send messages. Once enabled, you can send messages by clicking the button or using the "shift+enter" keyboard shortcut, as the enter key will create a new line in the chat composer.

Bulk import upgrades

We have enhanced the capabilities for admins, allowing bulk imports of users along with their data, such as designation and department, in addition to their names and email addresses.

Additionally, you can now conduct bulk imports of departments and designations as well.

Mention restriction configuration

As an admin, you get a new configuration option to limit users from mentioning individuals who are not part of the group chat or channel.

Default Channel Permissions

As an organization admin, you can adjust the default permissions of different channels (organization, team, personal, external) upon creation, giving you more control over how they function right from the start. Additionally, you can enforce specific permissions to be mandatory, ensuring that even channel admins cannot alter them. For instance, you can mandate that only admins have the authority to add users to an external channel.

Network performance in calls/meetings

Monitor your network performance during calls and meetings through the network performance monitor in the call settings. With an easy-to-understand score, you will know if your network is causing lags.

Enhanced security for webhook tokens

We have added an extra layer of security for your webhook tokens with Two-Factor Authentication (TFA). You will need to authenticate to view or create webhook tokens, ensuring only authorized access.

Global search update: Widgets

If you're looking for widgets, type their names into the global search bar at the top of your Zoho Cliq screen, and you will find them in no time.

Zoho Connect

Improved file-sharing capabilities in Connect

You can attach and share more files in your posts as we now support an even wider range of file formats, including audio and video.

Zoho Analytics integration : Study your data insights- Beta

Sync and explore your Zoho Connect data with the help of the Zoho Analytics integration. Get data visualization to make better informed decisions.

Track your Zoho Calendar events on dashboard

Add this event widget to your dashboard to stay updated with your Zoho Calendar events, so that you won't miss your schedules.

Optimize your workflow with saved task filters

Now, you can create and share personalized saved filters in Tasks to help you improve your task management and productivity.

Zoho Writer

Post your documents to from Zoho Writer

Easily publish Zoho Writer documents to your self-hosted site without depending on JetPack plugin.

Try out your hands on these features and enhancements! Feel free to post your suggestion and feedback in the comments.

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