Uploading file as attachment to Zoho CRM

Uploading file as attachment to Zoho CRM




I am trying to attach a file to a Zoho CRM contact using Zoho Flow. Right now, I try to do it through the “Upload File” field in Zoho CRM (In my screenshots, it’s called Téléchargement du fichier 1).


Here is what I tried:


Case 1: Webmerge document

The Flow is called “Custom Function” (see screenshot 101).


Step  1: Creating a Webmerge document (screenshot 99)


Step 2: I use “Update module entry” to upload the created file. I upload Webmerge’s “Document” in my “Téléchargemet du fichier 1’’ field (Screenshot 98)


Result: “Completed” (Screenshot 102). When I look in my Zoho CRM record, I can’t find the file anywhere (Screenshot 100)


The output says : "T_l_chargement_du_fichier_1": 255366,  (screenshot 104). Does that mean the “document” (screenshot 98) data is just a number, or is it an actual file?


Case 2: Zoho Writer document


Flow is called Upload File test2 - Zoho Writer


Step 1: Create a Mail merge document (Zoho Writer). (Screenshot 106)

I use this instead of “create document” because it allows me to use a template.


Step 2: : I use “Update module entry” to upload the created file. I upload Zoho Writer’s “Document” in my “Téléchargemet du fichier 1’’ field (Screenshot 107)


Result: “Failed” Zoho CRM says 'invalid data'. Check the input for T_l_chargement_du_fichier_1 and try again. (Screenshot 108)    


Alternative: If I upload Zoho Writer’s “Document Download link” instead of “Document” (screenshot 109), I get the exact same error as above (screenshot 108).




My question is:


Does Zoho Flow support the upload of attachments to Zoho CRM records?


If so, how do I upload them? Do I use the Zoho CRM “Upload file” field?

Else, how to upload a file attachment to Zoho CRM? I want it to appear in the “Attachments” related list.

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