What Are the Card Payment Options for the UK for zBooks?

What Are the Card Payment Options for the UK for zBooks?

Hi guys,

TL,DR re: face-to-face card transactions:
» can a card payment be automated as much as Stripe, PayPal etc?
» Square doesn't sound it does, can anyone confirm, please?
» is the Stripe terminal the same as iZettle, which does integrates at all?
» is anyone using 2checkout, Braintree or Forte for f2f transactions? Whats the automation like?
» are there any others not listed within Books?

I've recently discovered that I can cut processing time by quite a large amount by encouraging people to pay by Stripe, PayPal or GoCardless, as these integrateautomate the entire payment process (awesome btw).

However there are always going to be situations where customers will find it easier and more conveient to pay by card. I've been with Worldpay for almost 6 years and now have really low percentage fees. I'd throw it all alway in an instant if it meant I could get grid of having to process thermal receipts!

Having done some digging into the integrations listed inside Books Square seemed a good choice until I read a review on the page for Books on their Marketplace:
  1. It may work well for those who use Square for typical retail situations, but we're a service company who uses Square to accept credit card payments in the field only occasionally, and it's awkward to match the Square transaction with the corresponding Zoho invoice.
If this part is "awkward", or even not automated, it defeats my reason for switching. Does anyone have experience with the chip and PIN integration with Square to confirm or deny this, please?

I'll ring them Monday, but does anyone know if the Stripe card terminal integrates with Books? 
After speaking with PayPal I know the iZettle doesn't, so I'm assuming it wont as it's not listed with Books...

I'm just about to start looking into the other three listed: 2checkout, Braintree and Forte. But my assumption from what I've gleamed without looking is the first two can but via phone, something I wasn't keen on but I'll now consider and Forte haven't impressed by not replying to a enquiry about separate payment method.

Is anyone using or has used these for face-to-face transactions?
Lastly are there any others which people know integrate to the level of automation that PP, Stripe and GoCardless do?
Is that level of automation even possible for a card transaction? From the user just sending an email with the payment URL. The automation does everything else; right through categorisation and sending the confirmation email.

Would be great to hear ppl's knowledge and experiences,
Tom (who knows he writes too much, un-proofed).

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