What's New in Zoho Expense: May - June 2023

What's New in Zoho Expense: May - June 2023

Hello customers,
We're back again with new features and enhancements carefully curated to make your expense management experience more seamless and efficient. A new edition, new permissions for admins, exciting mobile app updates, and more are in store for you. Without further ado, let's take a look at the updates and read all about them.

Introducing the Kenya edition

Introducing one more edition for Zoho Expense: Kenya. Users can now create an organization by selecting their business location as Kenya and Zoho Expense will auto-populate the default tax rates of 16%, 8%, and 0%, once you enable VAT. Admins can also create custom tax rates based on their company's policies.

Admins can add a delegate for active and deleted users

Now, admins can add a delegate for any user. This is especially useful when a user who left the organization has a few reports that are awaiting their approval or has draft expense reports that are yet to be submitted. This feature also comes in handy for cases when an approver is unavailable, but a user needs an immediate approval for a business trip. 

With this feature, admins can simply appoint a delegate with approval access and get pending records approved. However, please note that admins can appoint only one delegate for a user.

To add a delegate for a user: Go to Admin View > Settings > Users. Select a user and click + Add Delegate. Add the delegate details and click Save.

Updates in travel documents section - Early access

In addition to the default document types such as Passport, Visa, and ESTA, you can now add custom document types that are required by your travel team. As this feature is in early access, you can send an email to support@zohoexpense.com to enable it for you. 

If a user has more than one passport, they can now mark a passport as primary and that passport will be used for booking their business trips. For a few travel documents, such as visas, the date of issuance is different from the date on which the document is valid. For this purpose, we've added the Valid From field to help travel teams track the validity of the users' travel documents.

To add or access your travel documents: Go to My Settings > Travel Documents.

New data type for custom fields - Date and Time

Level up your customization using Zoho Expense's flexible customization features. In addition to the existing data types such as text box, email, and phone number, we've now added a new data type: Date and Time.

To add a custom field with this data type: Go to Admin View > Settings > Modules. Select a module and navigate to the Fields tab. Click + New Field and select "Date and Time" under Data Type. Click Save.

Quick search for policies

If you set up multiple policies in your organization based on various criteria, you can quickly find the policy you're searching for using the Quick Search feature. No more scrolling to search for a particular policy!

Moved the Report field in expense forms

The Report field is now moved to the top of the expense creation forms to help users easily identify the field and associate the expense with a report. Once the report is selected, the policy will be prefilled and the categories will be fetched based on the selected policy.

iOS app updates

  • Introducing two new editions for the Zoho Expense iOS app: Mexico and Kenya. You can now create new organizations with the business location as Mexico or Kenya and we will automatically enable the tax rates applicable for the selected country once you enable VAT.
  • If your organization is integrated with Zoho Payroll, you can now reimburse your employee reports via Payroll from the report details screen.
  • View policy documents under the Personal Details section in My Settings.
  • Split the expense amount amongst users who were attendees of that expense.
  • Upload receipts for autoscan from the report detail screen to create new expenses to add to the report.

Android app updates

  • We've made a few enhancements to track your mileage accurately. 
  • While tracking your distance using GPS, we've now provided an option to contact support to help you in case of any issues. 
  • Add a delegate and out-of-office approver for yourself from Settings.
  • Initiate reimbursements from Zoho Payroll using the Reimburse via Zoho Payroll button.
  • View and download policy documents under the Personal Details section in My Settings.

We hope these features will help you manage your expenses more easily and efficiently. Give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments below. For any questions, write to us at support@zohoexpense.com.

The Zoho Expense Team

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