What's new on Zoho Marketplace for Europe region?

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for Europe region?

Zoho Marketplace houses 1000+ extensions to help improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. In the second quarter of 2021, we released 40 new extensions for various Zoho products, including 32 extensions for Zoho CRM. Read on to learn more.

Telephony extensions 

We released four new telephony extensions for Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Recruit, and Bigin. Start making calls from within the Zoho product, receive in-coming call pop-ups to get contextual details even before answering. Enable click-to-call and log call recordings in the contact record after calls. Click below to learn more. 

Extensions for Zoho CRM

In additions to 500+ Zoho CRM plug-and-play extensions, we released 32 new extensions for Zoho CRM in the second quarter of 2021. These no-code, ready-to-use extensions don’t just integrate other apps with Zoho CRM, but also add functionalities to help sales people improve performance effortlessly.

SMS Extensions for Zoho CRM

Instantly send SMS messages from Zoho CRM using predefined and customizable SMS templates. Use the Schedule SMS feature to automatically send messages at times you set, and ensure you are always catching your customers at the right moments. Maintain an SMS history of all your sent messages, and write workflows to send automated SMS messages.

WhatsApp extensions for Zoho CRM

Integrate your WhatsApp business account with Zoho CRM in minutes to support your customers with unlimited chats without leaving Zoho CRM. Start sending and receiving WhatsApp messages to customers directly from Zoho CRM. 

More extensions for Zoho CRM

Connect Zoho CRM to your favorite business applications using n8n. Automatically modify or use your Zoho CRM data to set up workflows without writing a single line of code.

Ensure accurate and complete address entry as you type details in real time in Zoho CRM. Address Lookup for Zoho CRM standardizes all global addresses even if you make a typo. Reduce mail bounces and delivery issues, and improve the user experience with accurate addresses. 

Send invoices with a GoCardless payment link to your customers right from Zoho CRM and instantly get the payment added to the bank account linked with your GoCardless account. Enable customers to set up a direct debit mandate so all their future payments will be automatically processed on the due date.

Initiate remote support sessions directly from Zoho CRM's leads or contacts module. Once integrated, access all the session-related details under the newly created Assist module in Zoho CRM.

Selling in the EU made simpler. Make secure transactions after checking your EU partner's VAT number validity and downloading the official data right into Zoho CRM. Save time by automating the VAT number verification process.

Zefix is the central business name index for Switzerland. Integrate Zefix with Zoho CRM and simply select the name of the desired contact to import their details directly into the contacts or leads module of Zoho CRM. 

Easily convert any monetary amount from your home currency to foreign currencies and vice versa.
The Currency Exchange Rate Updater will regularly update to the mid-market rate and you can change the update frequency according to your needs.

Integrate Lusha with Zoho CRM to streamline and optimize your sales process. Automatically transfer and sync any lead’s contact data, like their email and phone number, in one click to manage your pipeline faster and more efficiently.

Empower your sales team with organized and insightful data about their target accounts directly from Zoho CRM. Integrate organization charts for your target profiles into Zoho CRM, and keep everything you need to make better decisions in one place to close more deals. 

Manage all your website visits in one place. Access all the data collected by the Leady.com analytics tool directly from the Leads module in Zoho CRM. Apply your business processes to the collected leads directly in Zoho CRM, and more.

Search your nearest leads, accounts, contacts, and vendors based on your location. View the search results in Google Maps and in a grid view with the distance details between the source record and search results.

Navigate to Google Maps and find your lead's and account's location from the Leads and Accounts modules in Zoho CRM. The extension adds a field named Google Maps URL in the Leads and Contacts modules, which is autofilled with the address selected on Google Maps.

Easily integrate your Zoho CRM account with Mailchimp to create a complete view of your sales pipeline. Help your marketing team support your sales team by nurturing leads. Learn what works and sell more.

Do more from Zoho with the option to create satisfaction surveys on your phone and receive results directly in Zoho and add features that can help Zoho CRM + GoToConnect users increase the results potential of the tools used.

Leaflet’s Zoho CRM integration enables organizations to take all or part of the document that drives deals and publish them for document creation. Draft whole agreements in minutes without leaving Zoho CRM and capture key terms and metadata automatically for analytics and reporting. 

Maintain your orders, products, and customers in Zoho CRM using Ship Station extension for Zoho CRM. Synce order to the Sales order module in Zoho CRM, and order-related referential entities such as Customers and Products are created as Contacts and Products respectively in Zoho CRM. 

Engage your prospects with unique insights about their business. No more searching on Google and wading through irrelevant results. Get intel on your target accounts, talking points, and recommended leads, all within your Zoho account and contact records. 

Extensions for Zoho Projects and Zoho Sprints

Manage projects like a pro. Reduce back-and-forth email conversations and long status meetings by integrating your collaboration tools with Zoho Projects and Zoho Sprints. These extensions will allow you to plan and coordinate with your team on tasks from start to finish without leaving Zoho.

Craft and host customizable business forms, and collaborate with your team on the go with Zoho Forms' simple drag-and-drop form builder. Connect Zoho Forms with Zoho Projects to directly push the collected responses as tasks in Zoho Projects.

Connect your Foresight App with Zoho Projects to sync projects on both platforms. Add risks with 'open' status to create a task and 'realized' status to add an issue in Zoho Projects. View dashboards, reports, and charts to make informed business decisions.

Collaborate seamlessly with other teams, break down app silos, and eliminate time-consuming manual work with Unito. Sync information both ways between Zoho Projects and tools like Salesforce, Airtable, Jira, HubSpot, Zendesk, and more using Unito for Zoho Projects.

Attach files from your Google Drive account in Zoho Sprints without switching tabs. Collaborate effectively by keeping your files in sync with your work items in Zoho Sprints. Access all your files without the need to convert file formats.

Enable your support teams to collaborate with product teams and deliver exceptional customer support. Link Zendesk support tickets to work items in Zoho Sprints so that your teams can collaborate with context and resolve customer issues faster.

Extensions for other Zoho products

There are even more extensions to help you improve customer experiences, boost collaboration, break data silos, and improve ROI.

Add candidates to your Zoho Recruit panel directly by adding resume files. Minimize the manual effort involved in extracting data from resumes and speed up the recruitment process. 

Access and manage all of your files right alongside your emails by integrating Zoho WorkDrive with Zoho Mail. Choose files from WorkDrive extensions to automatically attach them to the email being composed and more.

Make hassle-free travel bookings for all your employees with itilite and see these travel expenses added automatically in Zoho Expense. Track all spends (including travel) at a company level and always be audit-ready. 

Zoho Show is a cloud-based presentation tool that lets you create, collaborate on, and present beautiful stories. With the Feather Icons add-on, communicate more with vectors while making your content more interactive and interesting.

Work smarter by adding new capabilities to Zoho with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace.

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