What's new on Zoho Marketplace for January 2021

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for January 2021

Zoho Marketplace houses 1000+ extensions to help improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in January 2021.

CloudConnect Extension for Zoho
Integrate Zoho CRM with CloudConnect’s phonebridge extension to enable click-to-call functionality within Zoho CRM. Launch or receive calls from Zoho CRM with pop-up notifications that contain caller information. Learn more

Indiamart  extension for Zoho CRM
Automatically update new lead data such as name, mobile number, email address, company name, inquiry subject, message, and address in your Zoho CRM Leads module so that your sales representatives can focus more on closing deals. Learn more

Consulta CNPJ Extension for Zoho CRM
Enrich your data in the leads and accounts modules of Zoho CRM, with data obtained from the Federal Revenue of Brazil, in integration with CNPJA.com.br. Obtain important information including partners, type of company, company name, and much more. Learn more

Exitty softphone Extension for Zoho CRM
Integrate Exitty softphone with Zoho CRM to instantly make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, manage voicemails, use one-click dialling, see call pop-ups, hold calls, transfer calls, and much more. Learn more

Razorpay Payment Gateway Extension for Zoho CRM
Connect your Razorpay account with Zoho CRM and send Razorpay payment links to your customers from the Invoices module in Zoho CRM. Send a payment request link to the customer, cancel the payment request, or resend the payment request notification to your customer, all from the Invoices module of Zoho CRM. Learn more

Asterisk for Zoho Desk
Connect your Asterisk PBX system and your Zoho Desk environment to get a feature that holds all the essential information—tickets and customer data—and manages incoming and outgoing calls. Learn more

Elastix for Zoho Desk
Integrate Elastix with Zoho Desk to search for contacts and automatically view their details when you make or receive a call. Automatically convert missed and abandoned calls into tickets, generate reports to view the amount of time spent by agents on calls and more. Learn more

Avaya Aura for Zoho Desk
Integrate Avaya Aura with Zoho Desk for a convenient on-premise call center that adapts to your workflow. Associate calls with tickets and update their duration automatically. You can also add call notes as a comment during or after the call and more. Learn more

Twilio SMS for Zoho Desk
Integrate Twilio SMS with Zoho Desk and enable your support agents to send text messages to customers from Zoho Desk. Create SMS templates with dynamic place holders allowing you to personalize SMS. Automatically send SMS to customers on ticket status change and more. Learn more

Pipedream for Zoho Mail
Build workflows that connect Zoho Mail with thousands of other apps using Pipedream for Zoho Mail. You can choose to either "Run Node.js code with Zoho Mail" or select one of the pre-built actions for performing common API operations. Learn more

Mail Merge for Zoho Mail
Use email templates and an uploaded source file, to send a batch of emails that are customized with the recipient's information from the file. View mail merge history along with a report of the number of emails sent, failed and queued in each mail merge. Learn more

Zoho ShowTime for Zoho Mail
Manage your training sessions from the Zoho ShowTime eWidget. Create trainings, add documents, and launch training sessions without leaving your inbox. Automatically convert emails into training sessions using the eWidget. Learn more

Zoho Desk for Zoho Analytics
Conduct a powerful analysis of your helpdesk data. Easily make informed decisions and gain valuable insights into your customer support activities. Analyze and track agent performance, SLA compliance, ticket inflow, customer satisfaction rating, and much more. Learn more

Zoho Desk for Zoho Assist
Initiate remote support and screen sharing sessions directly from your support tickets. At the end of the session, you can update the ticket status and add notes to sum up the concluded session. Learn more

SendForensics for Zoho Campaigns
Test your email campaigns and improve engagement with SendForensics for Zoho Desk. Boost the deliverability of your Zoho Campaigns emails and reclaim the revenue from those lost to spam. Learn more

Shopify Integration for Zoho Books 
Automate the flow of data between Shopify and Zoho Books. Save money, reduce customer service issues, and make customers happier. Automatially import complete order details to Zoho Books including shipment and payment details. Learn more

Pipedream for Zoho Creator 
The Pipedream extension allows you to build workflows that connect Zoho Creator with thousands of other apps. For Zoho Creator actions, you can choose to either "Run Node.js code with Zoho Creator" or select one of the pre-built actions for performing common API operations. Learn more

ED Insights 
A cloud-based platform that offers schools, colleges, and non-profit organizations a simple and affordable solution to manage continuous improvement and planning processes efficiently without breaking the budget. Simplify and automate processes with customizable templates and pre-built instruments for gathering, storing, and analyzing data. Learn more

Training Institute Management - S A 
Training Institute Management helps in maintaining a comprehensive student and faculty/trainer database. Your program structure can be defined for long term. Programs/courses and students can be enrolled to create batches, and batches can be created by adding students manually or by importing their details from Zoho CRM. Learn more

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