What's new on Zoho Marketplace for July 2020

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for July 2020

Zoho Marketplace houses a wide range of extensions to help improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in July 2020.

Zendesk for Zoho Subscriptions
This integration allows you to access customer information and subscription details within Zendesk. View subscription details such as plan, subscription status, and plan renewal date within the Zendesk platform. Learn more

Slack for Zoho Subscriptions
Keep tabs on all of your customer subscription details and get notifications for all transaction events in one place. Track new subscriptions in real time and provide a proactive onboarding experience to your customers. Learn more

Razorpay for Zoho Subscriptions
Start accepting secure one-time or recurring payments online with ease by integrating Razorpay with Zoho Subscriptions. Razorpay also enables you to to accept credit card payments. Learn more

Zoho Books for Zoho Subscriptions
Simplify your accounting process by automatically syncing recurring invoices from Zoho Subscriptions to your Zoho Books account. Reduce the manual effort spent importing and exporting data across platforms. Learn more

Stripe for Zoho Subscriptions
Integrate Stripe with Zoho Subscriptions and start collecting one-time and recurring online payments securely through a hosted payment page or through the self-service portal. Learn more

Zoho Analytics for Zoho Subscriptions
Analyze and track key subscription metrics, build powerful reports and dashboards, and get 360° visibility into your subscription transactions with in-depth analytics. Learn more

WhatsApp Business for Zoho CRM
Bring your WhatsApp conversations right into Zoho CRM. Send individual custom messages or bulk messages, set workflows to send automated messages, and receive messages, all right in CRM. Learn more

Wepster for Zoho CRM
Keep in touch with your customers through multiple communication channels including Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and VK from Zoho CRM. Wepster for Zoho CRM provides a unified messaging platform, allowing agents to chat with contacts through the Wepster GUI embedded in the Contact View of CRM. Learn more

TradeIndia Extension for Zoho CRM
Automatically update new Leads' data such as name, mobile number, email address, company name, inquiry subject, message, and address into Zoho CRM from your TradeIndia portal. No more copying and pasting details manually, so you can focus on important work. Learn more

Commercient SYNC for Sage 300 and Zoho CRM
Close the gap between Sage 300 and Zoho CRM. Commercient's SYNC integrates data to both systems as needed without manual data entry or the risk of human errors. Have all important information in one easy-to-access place and provide your employees with a truly collaborative system. Learn more

Asana for Zoho CRM
Create Asana tasks for leads and contacts and assign team members to perform the tasks from Zoho CRM. Use Zoho CRM workflows to create templates for all the CRM modules and associate them with the Asana team tasks. Learn more

Global Email Finder for Zoho CRM
Search, validate, and add email addresses for your Leads and Contacts without leaving Zoho CRM records. Reduce email bounce rates and increase callback chances. Learn more

GST Plus Leads Extension for Zoho CRM
Validate the GSTIN number of a business or company from Zoho CRM. Improve ROI by filtering leads by type of business and identifying which promotion campaigns are suitable for them. Learn more

US Address Verification Extension for Zoho CRM
Use the latest USPS data to validate addresses captured for your leads in Zoho CRM. Ensure all your mail is reaching your customers on time, get more responses, and enhance business performance. Learn more

Intercom for Zoho CRM
This integration allows you to automate processes between apps, and brings your Intercom conversations right into your CRM. Set specific actions to be performed automatically in Zoho CRM when a particular event happens in Intercom. Chat with Intercom contacts without leaving Zoho CRM using the chat UI. Learn more

RSForm!Pro plugin for Zoho CRM
Create professional-looking forms for your website with just a few clicks. Integrate RSForm!Pro with Zoho CRM and sync users' form data to your Zoho CRM account as new leads automatically. Learn more

Servetel Extension for Zoho 
Enable remote work through cloud communication. Integrate Servetel with Zoho CRM to start using telephony features such as click-to-call, call recording, contact management, and more from within Zoho CRM's interface. Learn more

HireRight Background Screening Extension for Zoho Recruit
No more swapping applications or manually updating records with background check reports. Order background checks, receive real-time status updates, and access the results from HireRight directly from Zoho Recruit. Learn more

Zoho CRM for Zoho People
Import your leads, customers, and contacts from Zoho CRM to Zoho People as clients. Manage projects for your clients and assign employees to work on them. Track time and create timesheets using Zoho People. Learn more

Zoho Writer for Zoho People
Send standard documents to multiple people at once while keeping the process personalized. Create templates based on your organization's requirements and permit the candidates to use e-sign to authenticate. Learn more

Zoho Sign for Zoho People
Send legally binding documents like offer letters and contracts from within Zoho People. Draft e-sign workflows and automatically send your documents for signatures, even to a large group of recipients, and track their status in real time. Learn more

Zoho Books and Invoice for Zoho People
Seamlessly sync important details about employees, clients, projects, and jobs to Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice. Generate bills for approved hours from within Zoho People and transfer them to Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice. Learn more

Zoho Projects for Zoho People
Pull the list of projects and tasks from Zoho Projects and assign them to the right employees in Zoho People. Check employee availability before assigning a task and log time worked from Zoho People. Learn more

Xoxoday for Zoho People
Xoxoday partners with several third-party services to provide a vast collection of reward experiences, digital gift cards, benefits, and more. Integrate Xoxoday with Zoho People to launch a scalable rewards and recognition program based on employee performance. Learn more

Zoho Analytics for Zoho People
Use Zoho Analytics to slice and dice your data in Zoho People.Gather insights about your workforce and make better decisions. Learn more

Toggl for Zoho Desk Powered by Zoho Flow
Track all your Toggl projects from inside Zoho Desk. Send time entries back to Zoho Desk, making it easy to bill your clients for time spent on their tasks. Learn more

Teamwork CRM for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Keep your business customer-focused with great service to close deals faster. Set up rules to automatically create new tickets in Zoho Desk when a deal is won in Teamwork CRM, and start providing proactive customer support. Learn more

Teamwork Projects for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Track all your work in Teamwork Projects from inside Zoho Desk. New contacts and companies added in Teamwork Projects will be automatically added as contacts and accounts in Zoho Desk to streamline communication and billing processes. Learn more

Alegra for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Create tickets for Alegra customers, share invoices, update estimate information, and track payment activity without leaving Zoho Desk. Learn more

ChargeOver for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Send branded invoices, track expenses, and enable recurring invoices to manage subscriptions in ChargeOver from Zoho Desk. Auto-update tickets in Zoho Desk when a new transaction is made in ChargeOver. Learn more

Zoho Recruit for Zoho Campaigns
Send emails to your candidates and follow up with them based on their responses throughout the hiring process from Zoho Recruit. Track emails and plan your follow-ups accordingly. Learn more

SurveyMonkey for Zoho Campaigns
Create surveys using SurveyMonkey and get them out to your audience through Zoho Campaigns. Gather and analyze data to understand your customers better and improve each successive campaign. Learn more

Zoho Workdrive For Orchestly
Collaborate on client-related documents and files stored in Workdrive from within Orchestly. Link a Workdrive file to a job in Orchestly using the widget in Orchestly. Learn more

GitLab For Zoho Cliq
Manage and collaborate on GitLab project code on the go. Execute the /gitlab command in Zoho Cliq to pull up a project's branches, commits, and merge requests. Configure a dedicated channel in Cliq to receive project updates using the bot's menu action "Connect" and more. Learn more

Signitic signature for Zoho Mail
Manage all your employees' email signatures from one place. Create templates to manage entities, groups, and users and spread your marketing campaigns to reinforce your brand image. Precisely analyze the commitment of your audience with insightful campaign data. Learn more

DataChannel for Zoho Analytics
Aggregate data from any source in Zoho Analytics and create reports or dashboards in a few minutes without any code or complex scripts. Learn more

CRM4 Freight Forwarder
A comprehensive CRM for freight forwarders created using the Zoho platform. Capture and track leads, and turn them into customers through email marketing campaigns, social media posts, SMS, and cold calls. Learn more

Google Sheet Connect
Integrate Google Sheets with Zoho Creator to store data in rows on a Google Sheet and customize the Google sheet using Zoho Creator. Learn more

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