What's new on Zoho Marketplace for October 2020

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for October 2020

Zoho Marketplace houses 1000+ extensions to help improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in October 2020.

ChARM Health for Zoho CRM
Synchronize patient information between ChARM Health and Zoho CRM and access patient data at any time, from either of the two applications. Convert existing contacts in Zoho CRM to patients in ChARM Health with a single click. Learn more.

PitchLink Extension for Zoho CRM
Connect your Zoho CRM leads to the Pitch.Link platform and send out personalized sales pitches to your leads fast. Then continue to support your leads, capturing the status of conversations directly from Zoho CRM. Learn more.

ConstructionBOS Fusion for Zoho CRM
ConstructionBOS Fusion integrates with construction project lead providers, including Barbour ABI. Connect it to Zoho CRM and allow your team to access all their data in one place. Get daily updates on deals created from construction projects and more. Learn more.

ChartMogul Integration for Zoho CRM
Create or update custom attributes in ChartMogul from within Zoho CRM. Make data analysis easier by creating and updating custom attributes like sales representative email or sales representative name in ChartMogul when a deal is marked "Closed Won" in Zoho CRM. Learn more.

QuarterOne for Zoho CRM
Connect QuarterOne with Zoho CRM to automatically forecast revenue from Zoho CRM sales data in a matter of minutes. Build accurate forecasts that you can trust to anticipate, prepare for, and close more deals. Learn more.

Currency Exchange Rates for Zoho CRM
Send data from predefined financial sources to the Zoho CRM Exchange Rates module and get updated exchange rates within Zoho CRM. Set sources and schedule updates according to your business needs. Learn more.

iQuoteXpress SSO for Zoho CRM
Save time and costs in building, sending, and tracking sales quotes by automating your sales proposal process in Zoho CRM with iQuoteXpress (IQX). Send better-looking proposals using professionally designed sales proposal templates and track the progress of every quote. Learn more.

DeDupe for Zoho CRM
Get your Zoho CRM data in order by connecting it with DeDupe. Maintain your data index in real time by extracting duplicate clusters from millions of records and merging them within seconds. Learn more.

G Suite for Bigin
Integrate G Suite with Bigin and easily sync contacts and calendar records from G suite to Bigin. Launch Bigin from your G Suite account with single sign-on (SSO) and more. Learn more.

Microsoft Office 365 for Bigin
Sync all your Office 365 contacts and calendar entries with your Bigin account. Increase your productivity with a two-way integration sync and launch Bigin directly from your Office 365 account with single sign-on (SSO). Learn more.

Zapier for Bigin
Zapier provides seamless integration for 2,000+ applications, and connecting it to Bigin will allow seamless communication and information transfers. Integrate Zapier with Bigin and access all your data from one place. Learn more.

Zoho Flow for Bigin
Connect cloud applications with Bigin using Zoho Flow. Set up workflows to automate how information is exchanged among the apps you use and your Bigin account. Learn more.

Zoho Desk for Bigin
Automate your customer support process with workflows and Blueprint in Zoho Desk. Give your sales reps access to the support data associated with all of their customer records and allow them to sell better with contextual information. Learn more.

Zoho Campaigns for Bigin
Bridge the gap between your marketing and sales activities. Send targeted email campaigns to your prospects and contacts in Bigin and nurture them to conversion. Learn more.

Zoho Meeting for Bigin
Conduct online meetings from anywhere with real-time audio and video capabilities from within your Bigin account. Store meeting recordings within the contact record in Bigin and more. Learn more.

Zoho Sites for Bigin 
Embed Bigin's webform on your website without writing a single line of code. Get notified about incoming leads and move them though your Bigin pipeline. Automatically send an acknowledgement email once visitors submit information on your website. Learn more.

Mailchimp for Bigin
Sync your audience list in Mailchimp with the contacts in your Bigin account and send targeted email campaigns right to your contacts. Increase customer engagement and get promising prospects to close deals quicker. Learn more.

Zoho CRM for Bigin
Integrate your Zoho CRM with Bigin to sync your Zoho CRM records with Bigin. Use Bigin as your pipeline management tool, with the advanced features of Zoho CRM, to create exceptional experiences for your customers. Learn more.

Dropbox for Zoho BugTracker
Access files managed in your Dropbox account from Zoho BugTracker and associate them with the respective issues in a project. Manage the folders in Dropbox from within Zoho BugTracker and easily disassociate a file whenever it's no longer needed. Learn more.

Box for Zoho BugTracker
Access files managed in your Box account from Zoho BugTracker and associate them with the respective tasks or bugs in a project. Manage Box files from within Zoho BugTracker and more. Learn more.

Box for Zoho Projects
Enable your team to access any file during any stage of project development by integrating Box with Zoho Projects. Associate files from Box to respective project tasks, all from within Zoho Projects. Learn more.

Zoho Flow for Zoho Cliq
Create custom integrations between Zoho Cliq and over 500 business applications, without writing a single line of code, using Zoho Flow. Automatically curate information from your other apps and collaborate with much deeper context. Learn more.

Food Expenses Tracker
Manage your staff's daily food expenses using Food Expenses Tracker. Add multiple vendors and multiple branch locations, and create different roles, like admin and employee, to have control over data visibility within the organization. Learn more.

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