What's new on Zoho Marketplace for September 2020

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for September 2020

Zoho Marketplace houses 1000+ extensions to help improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in September 2020.

CloudTalk VoIP for Zoho
Integrate with CloudTalk VoIP to enable telephony features within Zoho products. Create new contacts quickly and efficiently while you’re on calls with new prospects or customers, add tasks or appointments from a pop-up screen, and much more. Learn more

TeleCMI for Zoho
Integrate TeleCMI with Zoho and get access to cloud telephony features, like call history, call reports, call recordings, incoming calls with pop-up notifications, and the option to make outbound calls right from within Zoho. Learn more

net2phone Extension For Zoho
Make and receive calls directly from your Zoho dashboard using the net2phone Extension. Log calls automatically, write notes directly on the in-call prompt, and more. Learn more

Contaque Telephony extension for Zoho CRM
Integrate with Contaque to enable click-to-call, call recording, and more, from within Zoho CRM. Make the most of its user-friendly interface and single sign-on feature, and say goodbye to toggling between apps. Learn more

Notes Pro - Rich Text & Bulk Notes for Zoho CRM
Use Notes Pro to save HTML-formatted text in records under Contacts, Accounts, and other modules of Zoho CRM. Organize large amounts of data with ease using simple formatting tools, such as bold, underline, and bulleted lists. Learn more

Poptin for Zoho CRM
Generate qualified leads and sync them seamlessly to Zoho CRM using Poptin. Create beautiful pop-ups and inline forms through its user-friendly interface, with 40+ fully customizable forms. Learn more

ZOX - Zoho Xero Connector for Zoho CRM
Integrate Xero with Zoho CRM using ZOX - Zoho Xero Connector to create and update invoices from the Sales Orders and Invoices modules and view payment details from Xero. Learn more

Zoho Subscriptions for Zoho Analytics
Connect Zoho Subscriptions with Zoho Analytics to get 360° visibility into your subscription transactions with in-depth analytics. Track key payment metrics and customer behavior to maximize your revenue. Share insights and make data-driven decisions. Learn more

Eventbrite for Zoho Analytics
Analyze, optimize, and execute your events better with in-depth analytics. Create insightful reports and dashboards to track critical event metrics. Share visualizations with colleagues and clients for informed decision-making. Learn more

Zoho Inventory for Zoho Analytics
Manage your stock better and sell smarter with Zoho Inventory advanced analytics. Analyze and uncover insights about your products, stock, orders, sales, and much more. Share insights and make data-driven decisions. Learn more

Site24x7 for Zoho Analytics
Visually analyze and improve your website/service/platform availability with meaningful insights into outages, alarms, monitoring, and infrastructure. Share insights with colleagues and customers to arrive at better informed business decisions. Learn more

Sage for Zoho Analytics
Measure your financial health with in-depth Sage analytics. Analyze and uncover insights about your invoices, purchases, orders, sales, and much more. Share insights and make smart decisions. Learn more

YouTube for Zoho Analytics
Monitor your key YouTube channel metrics and grow your channel with powerful insights. Understand your subscribers better and find out what type of content resonates best with your target audience, using our out-of-the-box YouTube analytics reports. Learn more

Shopify for Zoho Analytics
Measure, analyze, and run your ecommerce business efficiently with a powerful business intelligence platform. Track key metrics, extract powerful insights, and grow your business. Learn more

Instagram for Zoho Analytics
Visually analyze and grow your Instagram account with powerful insights. Understand your followers better, measure your engagement, and discover the content that works best for your brand. Learn more

LinkedIn for Zoho Analytics
Visually analyze LinkedIn Ad campaigns, measure their outcomes, and derive actionable insights in minutes. Tracks KPIs such as traffic, CTR, CPC, CPM, conversion rate, and much more. Share your reports and dashboards with your marketing team and make data-driven decisions. Learn more

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus - MSP for Zoho Analytics
Visually analyze your ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus (SDP) data with powerful prebuilt reports and dashboards. Enable ITIL/ITSM managers to slice and dice service desk data the way they want, and analyze key service metrics—such as incident management, SLAs, and more—from the time you set it up. Learn more

SalesIQ for Zoho Analytics
Visually analyze and grow your business with powerful customer analytics. Understand your visitors, engage better, and sell smarter with key insights into your customer support and website traffic. Share reports and dashboards with peers for data-driven decision-making. Learn more

OneDrive For Zoho Cliq
Enable seamless movement of data between OneDrive and Zoho Cliq for quick and effective collaboration. Share and access your folders and files directly from your Cliq window. Learn more

COVID-19 For Zoho Cliq
Get real-time global stats on COVID-19 right in your Zoho Cliq tab. Provide your employees with instant screening and emergency automated responses. Learn more

Twitter For Zoho Cliq
Integrate with your Twitter account and manage it from Zoho Cliq. Configure your favorite handles, post new tweets, and get instant updates on engagement. Learn more

Zoho Writer for Zoho Cliq
Access and manage all your documents through this widget by integrating Zoho Writer with Zoho Cliq. Quickly share or export documents while messaging, using slash commands. Learn more

MeisterTask For Zoho Cliq
Collaborate and manage projects intuitively with MeisterTask and Zoho Cliq's integration. Create tasks, assign them, track projects, and get things done directly from the Cliq interface. Learn more

MessageBird Channels for Zoho Cliq
Communicate with your customers on various social media channels—such as WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, Instagram, WeChat, or SMS—from within Zoho Cliq using this MessageBird integration. Send and receive messages in Zoho Cliq from MessageBird platforms. Learn more

BigCommerce for Zoho Campaigns
Launch your product on BigCommerce and promote it using Zoho Campaigns. Use Zoho Campaigns to segment your contacts in BigCommerce based on their purchases, and send email campaigns based on selected criteria for effective marketing communications. Learn more

Eventbrite for Zoho Campaigns
Create invitation campaigns, and promote them to your contacts in your Eventbrite account. Improve the reach of the event, increase the number of participants, and generate insightful reports to better plan future campigns. Learn more

Shopify for Zoho Campaigns
Import customer details from your Shopify account to Zoho Campigns' mailing list, and send out emails using ecommerce email templates in Zoho Campaigns. Create and send emails to your customers, updating them about your products in Shopify, and more. Learn more

Google Photos for Zoho Campaigns
Integrate Google Photos with Zoho Campaigns to choose the right image to support your emails and other content. Images added from Google Photos to your Zoho Campaigns templates will be responsive and supported on multiple devices. Learn more

Netomi Virtual Agent for Zoho Desk
Automatically respond to your customers and resolve tickets quicker. Provide recommended responses to human agents to boost their productivity. Train the AI virtual agent from historical ticket data, or select from pre-trained AI conversational and industry-specific skills. Learn more

FreshBooks Extension for ZohoDesk
Integrate FreshBooks with Zoho Desk to directly bill your customers for time spent on a ticket. Create invoices in FreshBooks without having to leave Zoho Desk. Learn more

Hiveage for Zoho Desk, powered by Zoho Flow
Create tickets for Hiveage customers, tracks invoices, and estimate information without leaving Zoho Desk. Send branded invoices, track expenses, and enable recurring invoices to manage subscriptions, all from within Zoho Desk. Learn more

HackerEarth Extension for Zoho Recruit
Screen and assess candidates efficiently by streamlining the technical recruiting process. Filter candidates, invite them for assessments, and view their performance directly from Zoho Recruit, without having to switch between platforms. Learn more

Central Test Assessment Extension for Zoho Recruit
Streamline your hiring process using assessment tools from Central Test within Zoho Recruit, to select the best candidate profiles for your organization. Get access to a wide range of psychometric assessment solutions that you can send to your candidates at any time during the hiring process. Learn more

Accurate Background Check for Zoho Recruit 
Order accurate background checks, drug and health screenings, driving history, Form I-9, e-verifications, and other critical screening services without leaving Zoho Recruit. Learn more

Pipedream for Zoho Books
Use Pipedream to build workflows that connect Zoho Books with 300+ other apps. Select one of the prebuilt actions for performing common API operations or run Node.js code with Zoho Books. Learn more

HubSpot for Zoho BugTracker
Keep track of your customers' details while working on an issue in Zoho BugTracker, to prioritize and manage issues better. Sync contacts, deals, and tasks between both the applications to view all the information from HubSpot within Zoho BugTracker. Learn more

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