What's new on Zoho Marketplace in June 2022

What's new on Zoho Marketplace in June 2022

Zoho Marketplace offers 1,500+ extensions to help connect and enhance your Zoho products. Here’s a list of the new extensions released in June 2022.

Extensions for Zoho CRM

Zero Bounce Connect for Zoho CRM

Reduce bounce rate and target real leads by validating email addresses on your email lists.

Dataholics for Zoho CRM

Keep your CRM up to date with company, contact, and address data. The data points are collected from numerous global services and rapidly sourced, validated, and automatically added to your Zoho CRM.

NaijaSMSPortal for Zoho CRM

Send individual or bulk SMS messages to your leads and prospects directly from your Zoho CRM account. Design SMS templates that users can choose from when sending leads messages.

Probe42 for Zoho CRM (Only available for US DC)

Leverage financial information on Indian companies to help you make smarter decisions. Access information about corporate status, location, industry, turnover, profitability, and cash balance.

IndiaMART Official Plugin for Zoho CRM (Only available for US and IN DCs)

Import new leads from IndiaMART into Zoho CRM. The extension updates all important fields such as name, company name, email address, phone number, and address, from IndiaMart to Zoho CRM.

Razorpay for Zoho CRM

Send payment request links to customers, cancel payment requests, and resend payment request notifications to customers from the Deals, Invoices, and Quotes modules of Zoho CRM.

Google Address Search for Zoho CRM (Only available for US, EU, and IN DCs)

Locate full addresses on Google Maps. Get formatted addresses in custom fields for Deals, Leads, and Contacts modules.

PhoneMondo - Cloud CTI for Zoho CRM

Make phone calls directly from Zoho CRM using the click-to-call feature. Get statistics, reports, and call tracking information.

LogixOne Sales Order Consolidator for Zoho CRM

Consolidate several Zoho CRM sales orders into a single Zoho CRM invoice. Sales reps can easily access sales orders and Zoho CRM invoices that have been linked.

Auto Currency Exchange Rate Updater For Zoho CRM

Get updated exchange rates every hour in your Zoho CRM account. Quickly check the latest exchange rates even in custom functions, schedules, workflows, and more.

Map View for Zoho CRM

Synchronize and display data from Leads, Contacts, and Accounts modules in Zoho CRM on a map. Organize large amounts of Zoho CRM data and plan campaigns for specific regions.

LogixOne Chat for Zoho CRM

Streamline interactions with customers based on the chat platform that they prefer. Enables businesses to engage directly with customers from the CRM interface and supports SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram messages.

Extensions for other Zoho applications

Email-In for Bigin

Automatically convert incoming emails into pipeline records in Bigin. Respond directly to email queries right from the record details page.

Vamaship Extension for Zoho Inventory (Only available for US and IN DCs)

Integrate Vamaship with Zoho CRM and fulfill online and offline orders in Zoho Inventory by employing domestic and international carriers.

Clickatell Extension for Zoho Desk (Only available for US DC)

Send and receive SMS messages from Zoho Desk tickets directly to and from customer mobile numbers, and improve engagement by tracking relevant records. Stores all the inbound and outbound SMS messages in your Zoho Desk tickets.

Custom applications

CRM4 Property Contractors (Only available for US DC)

Gain more control over leads and contacts, and manage the attributes and properties of units for sale. Autofill contract forms used to prepare final contracts.

Randal (Only available for US DC)

Boost business agility, gain insights, and discover links between financial and non-financial information. Budgeting and forecasting modules enhance inter-departmental collaboration to optimize productivity.

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