What's new on Zoho Marketplace in November 2022

What's new on Zoho Marketplace in November 2022

Zoho Marketplace offers 1,500+ extensions to help connect and enhance your Zoho products. Here’s a list of the new extensions released in November 2022.

Extensions for Zoho CRM

Transfer data such as events and contact information from your apps to your CRM. Use the two-way sync plugins to manage your data and keep all your apps up to date from Zoho CRM.

Import a contact from LawPay payment gateway and create an invoice for the contact in your CRM. Automatically record payment invoices in Zoho CRM with a customized webhook.

Generate a relationship hierarchy diagram based on the customer's contact records to determine your contact's role within their company. Use the organization chart to view the reporting relationships of contacts in Zoho CRM.

​​​​Automate your sales cycle to close deals faster and more efficiently. Use Qwilr to create personalized proposals, quotes, onboarding documents, and much more.

Find the LinkedIn profiles of your leads, conta​​​​cts, and accounts based on name, location, and company, and export desired profiles to Zoho CRM.

KVK Data Extension for Zoho CRM

Search for and import company data such as name and location from the Chamber of Commerce widget into Zoho CRM.

Establish an automated interaction between Zoho CRM modules and various applications, such as accounting, marketing, sales, database, communications, and productivity.

Track job progress and instantly communicate with crew members right from Zoho CRM. Automatically upload and store project images in related modules.

Check and validate the authenticity of landline and mobile numbers of leads and contacts in Zoho CRM.

Validate leads' email addresses in Zoho CRM and achieve better results in email marketing. Reduce your bounce rate, get a better marketing ROI, and accurately verify your emails.

Schedule and track appointments from yo​​​​ur Leads, Contacts, Deals, and Accounts modules, and maintain a record of appointments under each contact.

Send text messages with attachments such as images, videos, PDFs, and links to your Zoho CRM contacts. View previously sent messages and access reusable and customizable message templates.

Perform faster billing and payroll processing through automatic timer operations and log it under Zoho CRM's Activities and Time Tracking module.

Sync your desired messaging services and ​​​​easily switch between SMS providers within the CRM platform. Create customizable message templates to send pre-defined, individual, and bulk SMSs as well as WhatsApp messages instantly. 

Extensions for Zoho People

Bill your clients accurately and promptly and pay your employees based on approved time logs. Push the time logged for a client from Zoho People into QuickBooks for billing and invoicing.

Sync employee details and transfer leave details from Zoho People to greytHR to execute payroll management seamlessly. 

Send personalized documents for digital signatures in bulk, track their statuses in real time, and store the signed documents in Zoho People.

Make HR and payroll accurate and error-free by instantly syncing all employee details from Paybooks to Zoho People. Transfer loss of pay information to Paybooks and enable employees to access the payroll from Zoho People.

Use the web automation tool to connect an array of apps and automate tasks. Create records and files in Zoho People based on triggers from other apps through Zapier. 

Sync the user details of employees and other information about PTO and holidays, and add files from OneDrive cloud storage. Receive and manage approval requests right from your Outlook inbox.

Attract, engage with, and recruit quality candidates, and convert hired candidates in Zoho Recruit to employees in Zoho People instantly.

Manage access to multiple products with varying login credentials and configure password and security policies. Sync your user data and view and monitor the sign-in activity of users.

Seamlessly sync information such as employees' loss of pay details in Zoho People to efficiently manage payroll, attendance and leave tracking, and performance.

Set auto-generated, strong, and complex passwords based on organizational level password policies and share with employees when required.

Collect signatures on time for personalized documents sent in bulk, such as offer letters, contracts, exits, and appraisals. 

Approve or reject requests, search other employees, request time-off ,and check leave availability right within Microsoft Teams.

Extensions for Bigin

Communicate with multiple contacts at once with pre-defined yet prompt WhatsApp and SMS messages. View usage statistics and receive instant notifications from Twilio to manage incoming messages.

Receive messages, send individual SMS messages between contacts, or select multiple contacts to send bulk messages—right from Bigin. 

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Bigin and get instant access to customer information, such as deals and follow-ups, without having to switch between applications.

Extensions for Zoho Recruit

Send individual or bulk WhatsApp and SMS messages using workflows created with webhooks and access your Twilio inbox in the Zoho Recruit platform.

Send and receive RingCentral SMSs from Zoho Recruit contacts or candidates and create automated workflows based on pre-defined and required conditions.

Instantly access each Calendly agent's event details from Zoho Recruit. Easily schedule appointments and view the appointment history of any contact or candidate.

Extensions for other Zoho applications

Automatically sync sales details from your point of sale and ecommerce channels to Zoho Books. Replicate your Zoho Books accounting setup and send daily sales recaps and data.

Receive payments from your customers seamlessly through a payment medium of their choice. Integrate Paystack with your Zoho Books account for efficient and successful transactions.

Sync, update, and manage inventory, order, customer, and sales data in Zoho Inventory, and ensure accurate storage of data across Zoho Inventory, online sales channels, and marketplaces.

Create your purchase reorders based on yet-to-be-ordered low-stock items identified using a predefined scheduler. Review your orders manually before contacting your preferred vendors.

Access files and resources from SharePoint and upload these files to specific projects, tasks, and issues.

Utilize PBX features such as click-to-dial, automatic call logging, and call recording to manage calls with a public phone network.

Work smarter by adding new capabilities to your Zoho apps with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace.

Here's an archive of all the releases from previous months, in case you missed any:

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