What's new on Zoho Marketplace in October 2021

What's new on Zoho Marketplace in October 2021

Zoho Marketplace offers 1,000+ extensions to help connect and enhance your Zoho products. Here's a list of the new extensions released in October 2021:

Telephony extensions
We recently released four new telephony extensions. These extensions are supported by Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Recruit, and Bigin. Start making calls from your Zoho products, and receive incoming call pop-ups to get contextual details even before you answer the call. Enable click-to-call and log call recordings in the contact record after the call ends. Click below to learn more.

SMS extensions for Zoho CRM
Instantly send SMS messages from Zoho CRM using predefined and customizable SMS templates. Use the Schedule SMS feature to automatically send messages at times you set, and ensure you are always catching your customers at the right moments. Maintain an SMS history of all your sent messages, and write workflows to send automated SMS messages.

Turn your Zoho CRM into a fully functional field service management platform or operations management system that enables you to create jobs and allocate them with ease to your field service ops team. Automate the creation of invoices when tasks are completed via LogixOne application and more.

ACR Phone is an Android phone app for recording voice calls with additional features such as blacklist, cloud upload, call log, and more. Use the ACR Phone extension for Zoho CRM to generate Leads and Contacts with the voice recording attached right after your phone call ends. It works with the standard Zoho CRM modules "Leads" and/or "Contacts."

Capture leads and affiliate data using LeadDyno Affiliate Tracking and send it directly to Zoho CRM. Access user information collected by the LeadDyno affiliate platform, and apply Zoho CRM workflows to communicate and engage with your leads or affiliates.

Engage with your customers seamlessly and virtually, using simple, beautiful, and effective presentation sharing. Create gorgeous presentations using Slidease and share them with your Zoho  CRM contacts—without them having to download or log in to any other software!

Find leads and businesses using the Google Maps API. Based on the keyword and location you provide, Lead Finder will search all businesses within the specified location and the results can be imported to any Zoho CRM module or downloaded as CSV files with ease.

Store the contact information of business contacts in the form of digital business cards using Sansan. Sync those business card details into Zoho CRM, and get them mapped within the Contacts or Leads modules using the Sansan extension.

Enable your marketing and sales teams to work in sync. With the ActiveCampaign extension for Zoho CRM, you can add contacts or deals and track your contacts from within Zoho CRM. Add multiple deals in ActiveCampaign from Zoho CRM, view all deals associated with contacts' email addresses and more.

Automatically update exchange rates for your Zoho CRM currencies using real-time exchange rates from Wise. Adjust the Wise exchange rates with a certain percentage using the Web Tab and also update for individual currency exchange rate wherever needed. 

Integrate Swiss QR Invoice with Zoho CRM to generate and attach official Swiss QR-codes to your invoices from Zoho CRM. Design your own invoice template in the QR Modul Dashboard and send the invoices via email or Swiss postal services.

Sync data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) database of the National Tax Agency to Zoho CRM. Ensure you store accurate corporate information in Zoho CRM by verifying through the IRS database. Seamlessly auto-fill corporate address information, such as Billing Street, Billing Code, and more.

Synchronize all your webcast information from your ON24 account to Zoho CRM. Access the synchronized webcast details from the Campaigns module, and the registrant/attendee details from the Contacts and Leads modules of Zoho CRM.

Extensions for other Zoho products

Connect Zoho Desk with more than 1000 apps to share data without the need to write a single line of code using Integromat for Zoho Desk. Start by dragging and dropping apps, filters, and other functions to build workflows based on your most-used processes. 

Connect Cliq with the readily available applets in IFTTT and pull notifications from others apps right inside Cliq. Configure where you would like to receive notification updates - be it individual chats, channels, or bots.

ASPluris for Zoho Inventory puts your picking lists onto the screen of a portable barcode terminal. It allows authorized workers to perform inventory adjustments with ease, directly at the warehouse shelves, using a portable barcode terminal. 

View invoices and bills payable to get an overview of your future cash position. Effectively manage working capital by reaching out to clients with pending payments and ensure you receive payments on time. 

Create the Swiss QR-code and add it as payment part to the Zoho Books invoice. Fetch customer payments from the Swiss Bank and bring it into the QR-bills inside Zoho Books. Automatically match invoices based on the unique reference number.

Custom Application

Q-INDIA EBUS is a custom app created using Zoho Creator. It is an easy framework for offering Developmentally Supportive Care with ready-made suggestions for age-appropriate stimulation based on PMA. Enable easy documentation and monitoring of neurodevelopmental care in the NICU.

Work smarter by adding new capabilities to your Zoho apps with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace. 

Here's an archive of all the releases from previous months, in case you missed any: New on Zoho Marketplace

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