What's New this April 2022 in Zoho Invoice?

What's New this April 2022 in Zoho Invoice?

Hello, everyone!

This month, we've enhanced Zoho Invoice with some useful updates that'll help you get your invoicing done faster. Here's everything that's new:

Protect Your Customer Data With ePHI

Stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations by marking your customer's medical data as ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information). You can do this by saving any sensitive medical information as a custom field that has the data privacy set to ePHI. This way, this data will be saved after encryption and only Admins will be able to access it.

To mark a custom field as ePHI: Go to Settings > Preferences. Choose the desired module and create a new custom field. Check the ePHI option next to Data Privacy.

Customize the Tax Summary Report (Global, India, Canada, and Australia editions)

You can now customize the Tax Summary report with advanced filters, choose the modules from which you want to include transactions, and use show/hide columns to organize the report details. Furthermore, when you click a tax amount in this report, you can view the list of transactions that the tax has been applied on, and this page can also be customized now with filters.

To do this: Go to Reports > Tax Summary. Click Customize Report in the top left corner.

Clone Your Itemized Expenses

The Itemize option is a great way to record expenses of various categories as a single expense. You can now fill in the details of an expense and clone it to add details faster.

To do this: Create an expense, click Itemize, and enter your first expense. Now, click the more icon next to this expense and select Clone.

Fresh Design for the Estimate Details and Payment Details Pages

Some time back, we had redesigned the Invoice details page to be more compact. Similarly, we've now reorganized the actions bar of the Estimate details page and the Payment Received details page. Here's what's changed:
  • The edit, mail, share, and print options have been brought to the left side.
  • The PDF & Print options have been coupled to a single drop-down button.
  • The Comments & History section is now available as a sidebar, so you can check the details while adding or reviewing a comment.
We understand that it might take you some time to get used to this new design, but we hope that this will help you to easily find the actions that you want to perform.

Give these features a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you need any help, contact us at support@zohoinvoice.com.

The Zoho Invoice Team

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