Why is my chat widget showing offline??

Why is my chat widget showing offline??

Richard is a Sales Executive of leading online shopping website. On a fine Monday morning, Richard was about to begin his work and finds the chat widget offline on his website. Richard started wondering why???

Do you face the same problem? Here are some common reasons why your chat widget goes offline on your website. Get familiar and expertise in SalesIQ.

  1. Activated Business Hours
  2. In Settings -> Company -> Business Hours, you may have enabled the business hours, if you login to your SalesIQ ​after the configured working hours then your chat widget will be offline on your website. You may have activated the wrong business hours too.

    Note: Enabling the "Hide Chat Widget Outside Business Hours" option, will hide the chat widget after business hours from your website.


    If you find the chat widget offline even during business hours, then check the timezone selected in the Settings -> Company -> Timezone option. The Business hours will not be calculated by your computer timezone, it is calculated based on the timezone configured on your Zoho SalesIQ.​ So, if the timezone is not configured properly then the chat widget will go offline.

  3. Logged in to Zoho CRM instead of Zoho SalesIQ
  4. Double check your login. You might have logged into Zoho CRM, instead of Zoho SalesIQ operator console. Even if you have integrated with Zoho CRM, the live chat code will not work if you login to Zoho CRM alone and your chat widget will be offline.

    The chat widget will work only when you log in to your Zoho SalesIQ account. Log into Zoho SalesIQ

  5. Status is set to “Busy”
  6. Check your status, if your status is set as “Busy” then the chat widget will go offline. Set your status as available always.

    Example: If you are the only operator to attend the website visitors and you have set your status as busy, then the chat widget will go offline. If you set your status as Busy, and there are other operators who are in 'Available' status, then the chat widget will not go Offline. 

  7. Turned on the ”Treat idle operators as offline”
  8. In Settings -> Portal Settings -> 'Treat idle operators as offline' option may be enabled. If your status is idle then the chat widget might go offline. The status will turn idle, when there is no activity found until the time configured in the "Set user idle time" option.

    Example: If you are the only user to attend the visitor and activated the "Treat Idle Operators as Offline" then your website chat widget will go offline when your status turns Idle.

  9. Reaching the Concurrent Chat Limit (Engaged)
  10. In Settings -> Portal Settings -> Concurrent Chat limit, check the count of your concurrent chat limit. When it reaches the maximum limit, and no other user is available to attend the visitors, then the chat widget will go offline.

    Note: The chat widget will go offline only when all the user's concurrent chat limit is exceeded, else the chat widget will be online and the chats will be routed to the available operators.

  11. User not associated in the Department
  12. Check if the logged in user is associated with the website's department. In Settings -> Departments, select the particular department name, and add the user in the 'Associated operators' list.

Visit our User Guide to learn more about Zoho SalesIQ. If you have any further questions on this topic, please feel free to contact us.



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