Why Zoho Vault is the best alternative to LastPass Free

Why Zoho Vault is the best alternative to LastPass Free

A recent update from LastPass has upset quite a few of its users. The new changes indicate that starting March 16, 2021, LastPass free users will only have access to devices of one type: 
  1. Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches) or 
  2. Computers (Desktop, Laptop) 
These changes prevent users from accessing their passwords seamlessly across devices for free. Additionally, free users are also said to lose access to email support from May 17, 2021. 

If you're disappointed with this update and are looking for a LastPass alternative to manage your passwords for free, look no further than Zoho Vault. Vault is one of the 45+ applications from the Zoho suite–a brand trusted by over 60 million customers–and it's one of the best LastPass alternatives out there.

We offer a comprehensive free-forever edition that includes:
  1. Unlimited password storage
  2. Multi-factor authentication (offers native authentication app)
  3. Sync across unlimited devices
  4. Detailed password security insights
  5. Password autofill across apps and websites
  6. Offline access
  7. Browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, Brave) 
  8. Mobile apps (Android, iOS, iPad, Apple Watch)
  9. Cross-platform support
  10. Customer support 
Learn all the benefits of adopting Zoho's free password manager to know more. 

Switching from LastPass to Zoho Vault
You can switch to Zoho Vault in a few simple steps by importing your passwords from LastPass. To do so:
  1. Log in to your LastPass account, then select Advanced Options from the sidebar.
  2. Select Export
  3. Enter your LastPass password to view your data in a new tab.
  4. Open a new tab to create a new Zoho Vault account.
  5. Log in to your Zoho Vault account, then select Import from the Passwords tab.
  6. Select LastPass from the Other Vendors section.
  7. Copy the onscreen passwords from LastPass (from step 2), then paste them in the field shown in Vault.  
  8. Select Verify to validate the imported entries, then click Import. This imports all your data from LastPass to Zoho Vault. 
You can start using Vault across your devices by installing our browser extensions and mobile applications. If you're new to Vault, you can take a quick product tour to explore our offering. To learn how Zoho Vault compares with LastPass, you can take a look at our comparison document

Some frequently asked questions

1. Will you increase your pricing or introduce restrictions to the free edition in the future?
No. Vault is one of Zoho's vast suite of products. All of our products include free editions to help individuals benefit from our applications. There will be no changes to our free edition in the future. Users can forever continue to enjoy Zoho Vault for free. We are private, boot-strapped, and profitable for over 20 years since the founding of our company. We are here for you for the long haul.

2. Do you offer migration assistance?
Yes, we do. Migration from LastPass to Vault is straightforward, but if you require assistance at any point, you can always write to support(at)zohovault(dot)com.
3. How does Zoho Vault fare against open-source alternatives like KeePass, Bitwarden?
We respect open-source products like everyone else. However, they have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Zoho Vault is part of the Zoho family that offers over 45+ apps trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. Our apps are tightly-integrated, secure, and always available with 99.9% uptime. You can learn more about our application security from this link

Additionally, we also offer a comprehensive list of features in comparison with KeePass and Bitwarden

4. Do you have a comparison document against LastPass?
Yes, you can compare our offering with that of LastPass using this link.

5. Do you also offer paid plans for families and businesses?
Yes, we do. Our pricing plans are straightforward and include no hidden fees. Our paid plans start from as low as $1/user/month. You can view our edition-wise pricing in detail using this link

If you're still wondering if Zoho Vault can be the best alternative to LastPass, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our representatives will be happy to help you get started.

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