WorkDrive Scribbles and Widgets

WorkDrive Scribbles and Widgets

Have you ever had an interesting idea, but no way to record the images and words you need to share it?
Have you ever wanted to send a colleague an important spreadsheet or slideshow file, but couldn’t because you didn’t have access to your computer?
Both of these situations could be remedied with more accessibility—and that’s what WorkDrive’s mobile app aims to provide! Convey your thoughts and get work done quicker with the Scribbles and Widgets tools.

The Scribble Tool

Using the Scribble tool is a quick and easy way to record your thoughts. Whether it's a small flowchart or a sketch for your next design, this tool helps you bring your ideas to life!

The Scribble tool comes with a host of editing options to choose from. You can use the pen and marker tools to jot down to-dos, or the pencil tool to scribble down your latest idea.

Equipped with other nifty features such as flexible color wheel, your scribbles are only limited by the bounds of your imagination.

Here are some other ways that you can utilize the Scribble tool:
  1. Jot down notes during a meeting.
  2. Draw a short cartoon for your social media.
  3. Sketch out a map to provide directions to the local store.
The iOS version of Scribble places two additional tools in your arsenal: The Ruler, which helps you draw straight lines, and the Magic Wand, which can cut, copy, duplicate, or move selected image elements.

Once you've completed a scribble, you can save it in WorkDrive as a JPG file (Android) or a PNG file (iOS). To learn more about how the Scribble tool works, check out our help article!


Widgets are extensions for mobile applications. Work more efficiently with quicker access to your WorkDrive files on your iOS and Android devices!

There will always be days where you are facing a constant rush of tasks, forcing you to switch from mobile to computer and back again. This is where our WorkDrive widgets come in handy!

Here are a few ways Zoho WorkDrive's widgets can help you out:

  1. Use the Camera widget to take pictures for a project and have them synced to your WorkDrive immediately.

  2. Quickly skim through your files with the Search widget, while you work on your other devices.

  3. Open a window to instantly add a completed file to your WorkDrive account with the Upload widget.

When it comes to working efficiently, the smallest aspects of the process can be the most critical—and that’s where your scribbles and widgets come in handy. 

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