WYSIWYG editor failing to load CSS and images

WYSIWYG editor failing to load CSS and images

Hi all,

I previously reported this here: https://help.zoho.com/portal/en/community/topic/problem-with-custom-css-in-editor , but that problem seemed to subside for a while. Now it has returned with a high level of consistency.

The basic symptom is that when the WYSIWYG editor opens it fails to load custom CSS, page content images, and even images that are a standard part of zoho wiki, for example the bullet triangles for the page TOC.  It also happens intermittently without any custom CSS, in that case only failing to load images.

Firefox 47.0, no addons enabled, on Windows 7-64, latest updates.

At the moment, and for the past couple of days, failure to load custom CSS and images has happened close to 100% consistently. (Prior to that I wasn't using zoho wiki intensively for a while.) It's also 100% consistent that if I open Firefox's Inspector window the WYSIWYG editor opens properly.

I am attaching a screen-cap video to illustrate some cases.

gwideman_zoho_wiki_editor_CSS_imgs_2016-07-13_16.wmv.zip shows the incorrect behavior with Inspector closed, and correct behavior with Inspector open.

gwideman_zoho_wiki_editor_imgs_no_custom_css_2016-07-13_16C.zip shows what happens with no custom CSS file.  In that video, the third attempt to open the editor fails to load the images.

As I noted previously, when the editor loads incorrectly, I can get the CSS and images to load if I then open Inspector and manually edit their relative URLs to add explicit "https://[my_blog_domain]".

When the editor does load correctly (eg: with Inspector already open), these same URLs (without explicit domain name) work fine. So I'm not sure what's different between the two cases. (And obviously, since having the Inspector open makes the symptoms disappear, it's hard to investigate.)


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