Zobot: The one to redefine the reputation of chatbots

Zobot: The one to redefine the reputation of chatbots

Chatbots have created quite a buzz in the marketplace. And so, we have launched our own bot building platform using which you can actually build and deploy chatbots - Zobot  in your SalesIQ. 

What is a Zobot?
Zobot is a smart AI chatbot that is incredibly customizable and streamlinable based on your business requirements. Also, our Zobot can work in conjunction with other third-party applications like - Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Google calendar and much more to nurture the data indexed by SalesIQ. Just to make sure that your visitors receive more contextual and insightful assistance.

Zobot would be a perfect choice for those who are looking forward to build bots that would transcend the reputation that chatbots of this era has which is - chatbots can just converse with the ones who are on the other side of the screen!

How to build a Zobot?
Developing Zobot is quite easy as all that you have to do is master a simple online scripting language Deluge launched by Zoho. You'll just have to script down your business requirements using Deluge, save and publish the bot. We use three handlers to script the Zobot, to know more about them refer our help docs .

We have also extended integrations with other two prominent bot building platforms like:
  • Zia - A conversational AI bot that can answer questions that are put forth by utilizing the data that you feed into it. Be it a simple answer or be it a complex calculation or be it something that demands analysis, Zia can effortlessly pull it all off.
         P.S. The integration is yet to be released for use, we'll keep you posted about this.
  • Dialogflow - A Google owned(third-party) bot building platform. Bots built using Dialogflow would seamlessly work with the SalesIQ platform as conversational AI operators.
Why Zobot?
The concept of Zobot was typically developed to automate the prime task that your operators handle on a daily basis - attending to chat requests of your visitors. However, our Zobot is meant for more than just this, let's explore a few:  
  • One Zobot equals to all your operators: Don't have enough operators in your firm? Don't worry, our Zobot is here for you. No concurrent chat limit, thus you can just have all the chat requests come in and our Zobot will handle them all effortlessly.
  • Non-stop chat: Be it on or off your standard business hours our Zobot will be there to assist your visitors round the clock.
  • Stylised modes of input: Zobot breaks the old school way of procuring inputs from visitors by using stylised input cards and output cards. A few to name are - Location widget, multi and single select, rating widgets and much more.
  • Quick as flash: No waiting time! As our Zobot doesn't need prep time to frame answers for the queries raised by visitors.
  • Distinctives: You can create and deploy Zobot for specific sites and also departments.
  • Stand a chance: Your operators need not stay vigil and watch out for prospective visitors to hit your site. All that you have to do is specify criterions to filter out prospective visitors from the web-traffic hitting your site. Also, our Zobot will make sure that the proactive chat invite is sent out to all the visitors matching the criterions set right after they land on your site.
  • Highly compatible: Zobot is a standalone entity. Zobot is compatible with all the platforms be it mobile devices or desktop machines.
  • Mould it out: Functionalities of Zobot are extremely supple enough for you to mould out a perfect AI assistant for your firm based on your business requirements.
  • Runs by integrity: Zobot can respond to the queries raised by your visitors not just by referring to the data indexed by SalesIQ! You can establish integration of various third-party applications with our Zobot, thus letting them utilize the SalesIQ data as well as the data indexed by the integrated application to respond to your visitors.

Let's see a quick visual recap of what Zobot can do,

We'll save the particulars about the Zobot integrations for our upcoming posts. Stay tuned! In our next post, we'll be covering up every aspect of bot building using Dialogflow.

To gather insightful ideas about our Zobot do check our help docs. To be notified every time an interesting topic comes up on our wall, click on this link and then on the Follow button that you could find onto your right.


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