Zoho Books: Product Updates - July 2022

Zoho Books: Product Updates - July 2022

Hey Customers,

The primary focus of Zoho Books has been to release new features and enhancements that'll help improve your accounting experience. This time around, in addition to releasing new features, we've also worked with Yodlee, our banking feeds service provider, to ensure your bank feeds are fetched seamlessly. 

Let’s jump right in and take a look at all the new features and enhancements we have in store for you this July.

Upgraded Our System to Yodlee’s New API Platform

We have upgraded our systems to the new API platform released by Yodlee, our third-party banking service provider. To experience the upgraded platform’s capabilities, some of you will have to upgrade each of your bank accounts to the new platform by reconnecting them with Zoho Books. Once you re-connect each of your banks that are supported by Yodlee, your bank feeds will be fetched seamlessly from your bank into Zoho Books. For others, the feeds will be fetched once you refresh feeds.

Read the help document carefully to know how to re-connect your bank.

Note: If you use Chase or Capital One bank accounts, you'll have to follow the steps mentioned here to re-connect your bank.

If you require any further assistance while trying to re-connect your bank account, reach out to us at support.usa@zohobooks.com- we'll be happy to help you out!

Create Custom Tabs for Client Portal

You can create Custom Tabs in Zoho Books to display web pages to your customers in the Client Portal. These web pages will open when your customer clicks the Custom Tab in the Client Portal.  You can use the Custom Tab to promote your web pages and display vital information.

The Custom Tabs that you create will appear on the left sidebar of the Customer Portal. 

To create a custom tab, go to Settings > Preferences. Click Client Portal and switch to Custom Tabs. Click + New Custom Tab, and add the name and URL that you'd like to display to your customers.

Reset Pushed Transactions (India Edition)

In case you want to edit the transactions in your GSTR1 after you've pushed them to the GSTN portal, you can use the Reset Push option. When you click Reset Push, all the transactions in GSTR-1 you've pushed during that filing period will be deleted in the GSTN portal. This includes transactions pushed from Zoho Books, transactions auto-populated from the e-invoice or e-WayBill systems and manually added transactions in the GSTN Portal.

Note: Once the reset push is completed, verify your transactions in Zoho Books and push them again to the GSTN portal.

To Reset Push, go to GST Filing on the left sidebar and click Push to GSTN under GSTR-1. Next, click Reset Push in the top right corner.

Create Self-Billed Invoices (Global Edition)

Previously, we had released Self-Billed Invoices for GCC and UK editions. Now, we are releasing the feature for the Global edition of Zoho Books as well. You can now raise Self billed invoice, in cases where the customers decide to raise a bill for themselves (self bill) on behalf of their vendors (suppliers).

To create a self-billed invoice, go to Purchases on the left sidebar and select Bills.

Click the dropdown next to +New on the top right corner of the page and click Create Self Billed Invoice.

That's a wrap for this month! We are always eager to hear your suggestions so we can help you better. If you require any assistance, please write to us at support@zohobooks.com and we'll get back to you. Stay tuned for more updates from Zoho Books!

The Zoho Books Team

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