Zoho Campaigns' GDPR Features

Zoho Campaigns' GDPR Features

Zoho Campaigns is here with what is possibly its biggest GDPR-themed release yet. With a wave of additions and improvements, Campaigns makes complying with GDPR a breeze for everyone. With this update, you will be able to use our features irrespective of the lawful basis applicable to your organization's data processing. Here's a list of all the modifications you can find:

Custom Field Encryption:

Data protection just got a lot easier with Custom Field Encryption. One of the major aspects of GDPR is storage of data, and with the option to encrypt custom fields with just one click, your subscribers' information will be absolutely secure.

GDPR-Compliant Signup Forms:

Our signup forms now have the option to include a link that directs your subscribers to your Privacy Policy, and a corresponding check box to ensure that they have read it, and they accept it as well. This assists the level of transparency you maintain, upholding the Right to be Informed and making the signup forms GDPR-compliant.

Password Protection:

All personal information becomes a lot more secure with the Password Protection feature. Any file that contains subscriber information will now compulsorily be password protected upon exporting. This password will change from one user to another and cannot be customized.

Consent Management:

Consent Management is now far more sophisticated. You can choose between focusing on Permission-based, Consent-based, and GDPR-compliant email marketing based on the need for one or more lawful bases to process your subscriber information.

Note that all EU -DC users will be marked "GDPR-Compliant" by default, and this can be changed later.

Apart from these features, you can now sort and segment subscribers based on their consent status and push their consent status to Zoho CRM as a custom field.

We have also added the Deny Consent option to Consent Emails, which will remove the subscriber from the corresponding purpose.

For users who opt for GDPR-Compliant Email Marketing:

We have made email marketing a lot more efficient. In case your emails are aimed at serving just one purpose (newsletters, for instance), then all your mailing lists will be assigned to the same purpose, and you can decide on a single lawful basis for processing all your subscriber data across your organization.

Or, if need be, you can even associate a different purpose to each of your mailing lists and decide an appropriate lawful basis depending on that purpose. In case the lawful basis applicable is "Legitimate Interest", you can also optionally upload Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA).

CRM-aided Consent Management:

Users with Zoho CRM-sync enabled can use the CRM's consent forms in Campaigns' consent emails sent to the synced subscribers. Subscribers imported to Campaigns through CRM-sync will not need a separate consent if they have already consented in CRM, unless you choose to have a separate consent status for Campaigns and send them an email for the same. In that case, CRM's webforms can be used for these emails. Subscribers pushed from Campaigns to CRM will mandatorily require a separate consent in CRM.

Delete Profile:

One of the individual rights, as mentioned by GDPR, is the Right to Erasure/Right to Be Forgotten. The Delete Profile option, available when a subscriber chooses to opt out of the entire organization, allows them to delete all their information. In case a subscriber deletes their profile, they will be added to the Erasure Request Queue, which can be configured based on how long you wish to retain their data.

Data Transfer:

All US-DC Zoho Campaigns users will now be able to migrate their subscribers, mailing lists, list segments, campaigns and campaign reports to the EU-DC with our Data Transfer feature. This would allow users to duplicate their account data, and maintain two separate accounts. For transferring data to the EU-DC, please write to us at support(at)zohocampaigns(dot)com.

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