Zoho CRM gets a new email compose and lot more

Zoho CRM gets a new email compose and lot more

Dear Customers, 

[UPDATE October 21, 2021: We have started opening these features to some of the customers already. And, it will be available to all the customers before November 2nd Week, 2021. Sorry for the delay caused] 

[UPDATE February 21, 2022: This feature is open to all]

How many of you have waited to set a default font size and font family whenever you compose an email in Zoho CRM? How many of you have desperately needed an email draft within Zoho CRM? Won't it be better if the compose window does the spell-check and suggests grammar correction? We listened to you!  

Happy to announce a ton of email functionalities you have been waiting for quite some time and a lot more you won't have expected... 

New look and feel of the email compose window:

The new window will be very intuitive, refreshing, and more importantly, it will just open up right within the same window, instead of a pop or a new tab. This saves you enormous time in switching between two windows/tabs. Also, with the lesser real estate used now, composing emails will not feel tedious.

Introducing DRAFTS:

Got something to check while composing and want to access your CRM? Just minimize the compose window and re-open to continue where you left off. Your email content is automatically turned into a draft and can be easily accessible from the bar at the bottom of your screen.

Clicking  on the "Mail" icon will open the draft and you can resume composing from your last edit. 

You can also try to access the same draft from the "Drafts" section of the email-related list on the record's detail page.

Multi Tab:
You can compose a maximum of 5 emails at a time. i.e you can keep 5 active compose windows. This will help you do parallel tasking.

Compose Settings: 
You can set your default email interface to your preference. This customization is available for all CRM users. 

Default Font Family and Size: 

You can set your default font family and font size for your compose window.

Default from address:
You can set your default 'from address' and will be used for every email compose you do. 

Multiple Email signature:
For every 'from address', you can set the respective email signature from your compose settings.

ZIA to help you compose better:

We have brought the intelligence of Zia to the email compose to help you compose your emails more effectively. Zia shall help the users with “Spell-check and Grammar correction” and “Auto-complete”.

Spell-check and Grammar correction:

You can now compose emails faster without the paranoia of making silly punctuation or spelling errors. Zia will highlight all your errors instantly (in real-time) and suggest the best possible solution for those grammatical errors. With this support available in multiple languages, users can harness Zia’s powers to send out error-free content.


Tired of writing “Hope you are staying safe amidst this pandemic.”? Hit TAB and let Zia write the cliches for you. Zia has been trained extensively to predict common phrases and clauses in a business setting. So when you are about to type something common, Zia can do it for you with the press of a single key.

Easy Drag and Drop attachment options:

No more multiple clicks to add an attachment. Instead of going to your files to select and attach them manually, you can now simply drag and drop the file in the compose window to add it as an attachment.

Attach from an entity record:
You can now attach the files from your record's attachment directly while composing. 

Powerful Utility Toolbar: 
With updates like new table formatting options, new color options in the color palette, and a more powerful dictionary, the toolbar shall add more utility value while composing an email than ever.

We have started opening these features to the users in a phased manner and will be rolled out to all mostly before the end of August 2021.

Feel free to post your comments/suggestions once you start using these features.  

Happy Emailing! 

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