Zoho CRM Segmentation FAQ - Post your questions

Zoho CRM Segmentation FAQ - Post your questions


Greetings! We hope you are well.

Segmentation is the primary step in Marketing to know and classify your target audience into groups based on their purchase pattern. In the best interest of your benefit, we have been publishing FAQs about segmentation so far. For easy access, we have consolidated all these questions in a single article.

We have aligned these FAQs in a sequence and indexed each question for easy navigation. We hope that this will benefit you in understanding segmentation, better.

The following are the FAQs we have addressed in this article.
  1. What are the benefits of segmentation?

  2. Where can I see the segmentation history of a record?

  3. How long it will take to calculate the score for the records once I publish the segmentation?

  4. Can I filter records using the segmentation fields?

  5. The purchase details are displayed but the segmentation label is not updated?

  6. Is it mandatory to set the score and criteria?  

  7. Can I use criteria other than RFM to segment the records?  

  8. Can I set time as a criteria in the Recency Date field?  

  9. Can I set the segmentation with two score ranges?  

  10. If I make changes to the scoring scale, will this affect my existing record segmentation labels and scores?  

  11. How can I set the score for each label?  

  12. Can I replace the value in a segmentation label manually?  

  13. Is frequency calculated automatically both by count and by field?  

  14. Can segmentation values be viewed in Zoho Campaigns and Zoho MarketingHub?  

  15. Can the segmentation scores be mapped with the Zoho Campaigns fields?  

Kindly go through the FAQs and post your queries here. We would be happy to answer them and add them to the list of FAQs. 
Also, refer to our ebook for a comprehensive understanding about Segmentation. Thanks and Have a good one!
Kind Regards,
Saranya Balasubramanian
Zoho CRM - User Education

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