Zoho CRM's V2.1 APIs!

Zoho CRM's V2.1 APIs!

Hello everyone!
We are happy to announce the release of Zoho CRM's V2.1 APIs!
Yes, that's right!
While V2 is still widely used and stable, the new version includes a lot of most-requested and interesting updates. Read on to know more!

This is just a brief explanation of the updates in this version. Refer to our What's New and Change log for a detailed explanation.

What's New in V2.1?
V2.1 has many new APIs besides updates to the existing ones.

New APIs
  1. Pipeline 
    a. Get pipelines, Create and Update a pipeline
    b. Transfer and Delete a Pipeline
  2. Get Assignment Rules
  3. Send Mail
    a. Get Allowed "from" Addresses
    b. Send Mail
  4. Templates
    a. Get Email Templates
    b. Get Inventory Templates
  5. Download Fields' Attachments in a Module
  6. Get Records' Count in a Module
  7. Get Wizards
Updates to the existing APIs

A few existing APIs also have updates ranging from the addition of new keys, new parameters to change in the response structure, change in the error response for a few cases, among many others. Our Change log will have the details of all these changes in every API.
  1. Get Records
  2. Insert and Update Records
  3. Convert a Lead
  4. Modules
  5. Modules metadata
  6. Fields Metadata
  7. Custom View Metadata
  8. Layouts metadata
  9. Blueprint (Get details and Update a blueprint)
  10. Mass update
  11. Territories
  12. Tags (add and remove tags from records)
  13. Share records
  14. Bulk Read (Create a bulk read job and Get the job status)
  15. Bulk Write (Create a bulk write job and Get the job status)

Changes in the Error Response
All APIs introduced in V2.1 and the ones that have updates will have one of the following keys(in the details object) in their error responses. These indexes are to specify the key or the resource where an error has occurred.
  1. JSON Path Index when there is an error in the input body.
  2. Resource Path Index when there is an error in the request URL.

We hope you are excited to try out our new APIs.
Please get back to us if you have any questions.

Shylaja S
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