Zoho Developer Community Monthly Digest

Zoho Developer Community Monthly Digest

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our inaugural edition of the monthly Zoho Developer Community digest. Each month, we curate the best community discussions, share helpful resources, and keep you informed about upcoming events. We hope you find this post valuable and enjoy reading it.

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Upcoming Events

Recent Highlights

Community Discussions

Feature Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Upcoming Events

We have some exciting events lined up for you in the coming weeks:
  1. Zobot 101: In this five-part online webinar series that started on August 24, learn all about Zobot – Zoho SalesIQ's AI-powered chatbot builder platform – and explore the ways to leverage its capabilities effectively. For registration and more details, click here.
  2. Zoho Developer Hangout 8: Our developer community member, Jayesh – Founder and CEO of Incquet Solutions – will share his take on the great possibilities of JavaScript widgets in Zoho Creator on August 29. He will also showcase some use cases he has developed with his team, such as ChatGPT-based voice assistants, real-time POS systems, and IoT applications and more. Click here for registration.
  3. Zoho Creator Developers Meetup: A great opportunity for the developer folks in and around Chennai to participate in a meetup focused on Zoho Creator and also celebrate Developers' day with Zoho on September 12. For registration and more details, click here.

Recent Highlights 

The best part about last month was a captivating presentation by Dr. Joseph Sweeney on "Infusing AI into Zoho CRM." If you couldn't attend the live session, don't worry! You can catch the recording of the presentation here . We promise it will be worth your time.

Community Discussions

Our community is thriving with insightful discussions and helpful exchanges. Read through some of the most engaging discussions that took place last month. It's the perfect way to stay updated and learn from fellow developers.

Zoho Developer Forum 

  • Want to know how to access subform data to get and/or update a list of line items using Client Script? Check out this post for the technical know-how and a sample code.
  • Check out this announcement to explore the great features and enhancements of Zoho CRM's V5 APIs.
  • Have a look at the suggestion given by @Bhoomi Joshi on the possibility of setting a custom mandatory field on schema level for REST API operations in Zoho CRM.
  • Check out how @Peter Mienes and others got their Relation name issue with getRelatedRecords resolved with the community's help.

Developers ZUG Cliq Channel

Note: These conversations are confined to the Developers ZUG Cliq channel members. If you're keen on becoming a part of this space, please fill in this onboarding form to receive your invitation to join the Cliq channel.
  • Have you ever wondered how to integrate WhatsApp with Zoho Creator? Explore the numerous options suggested by our community members in this discussion .
  • Read this conversation to learn how to process JSON data received from an AWS Lambda function within a Deluge function that has been turned into a REST API.
  • Curious to know how to create layout rule for fields from two modules? Then, this conversation is for you.
  • Looking for a way to add extra lookup fields in CRM? Go through this discussion to find out.
  • Explore how to get CRM user data using an integration task here.
  • This conversation helps you learn the process of attaching a file stored in the Workdrive while sending an email by Deluge.

Feature Spotlight

We are always looking for ways to make developers' life easier, and that's why we're glad to bring you the Kaizen (continuous improvement) series. The posts under five different streams such as API v2.0, Functions, SDK, Mobile Development, and Widgets, target to benefit the CRM developers. Based on your area of expertise, you can follow the stream of your choice in the CRM forum. Check out the latest post, and learn how you can render Widgets using Client Script. 

Community Spotlight

A community is nothing without its extraordinary members, and we are thankful to all the outstanding contributors. 

Zoho Developer Hangout (ZDH) Speakers

ZDH aims to provide a platform for developers to share their expertise and learn from the community. These monthly virtual sessions are presented by our Developer Community members themselves, along with our product experts. This format offers community members a chance to engage in interactive discussions, share their own experiences, and gain valuable insights into innovative problem-solving strategies employed by their peers.

We are grateful for the contributions of the presenters in making the ZDH segment a big success among the community members. By sharing their knowledge and expertise with the community, they have significantly expedited learning and facilitated avenues for aspiring developers to explore creative solutions. 

Each month, we will showcase the work of early enablers. This month, we would like to start with our first ZDH presenter, Jorge Alonso. Check out this post to know what he had to share with the community. 

Cliq Contributors

The Developers ZUG Cliq channel has consistently served as the primary hub for community members seeking technical assistance and engaging in discussions. Here are our top three contributors who went above and beyond to support and help the Zoho Developer Community on the official community chat channel:

To all our other community contributors, thank you! Your time, effort, and expertise are invaluable to us. Your contributions make our community more vibrant, helpful, and dynamic. Keep up the great work, and know that you are making a difference!

For those who are new to the Zoho Developers Community, check out this post to get started. 

Stay connected, keep learning, and let's build a thriving Zoho developer ecosystem together.

Happy networking!

Best regards,
Zoho Developer Community

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                                  Hello everyone! Welcome to our inaugural edition of the monthly Zoho Developer Community digest. Each month, we curate the best community discussions, share helpful resources, and keep you informed about upcoming events. We hope you find this post valuable
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